INJECTION? Oh Nooooo!!!!!

Hmmm, I’m back! My last post was June 14 and today is 17! I knew it… I owe you. Sorry! I’m busy with Montessori de Xevera ID Card, Biometric Sytem & Fingerprint device setup added by another School, Martinet School’s ID Card. Pasensya na, trabaho lang.. Super busy, on the side I’m designing Martinet’s website. I only have two hands, I wish it’s 4 lol! But since I started this blog I need to post. I owe this to myself and to you guys out there.

So what’s my topic for today? The last time I discussed some of my Promdi life and promised to post some photos and details bout my hometown but then… Sorry, I never do my homework huhuhu…

Wait! I will tell you an interesting story when I was a kid. I was afraid of Vaccine, nah! actually not vaccine but the injection. When I was in Grade school, I had a friend, Jocelyn Castro. We grew up together. She’s an only child, as I was my dad’s only daughter. My mom and her mom are both elementary grade teacher in the same school. We always have the same bag, the same shoes, the same shirts as if were real sisters. When we heard about the upcoming vaccine campaign in our school, we agreed to go to the public clinic and had the vaccine in advance. We were not afraid of injection then so we voluntarily go and asked our local health doctor to perform the vaccination. We’re giggling while were doing this and plan to brag the following day that we already done we will be free watching the cryings and wailing of our classmates and other students who are afraid of injection. But unfortunately the following day, I can’t move my other hands. I can feel the pain from my shoulder, my forearms to the tip of my finger. We had a fever the following night. Our parents were very angry and almost sued the doctor. It was a week of agonizing pain and we stayed home for a week and wasn’t able to go to school. Our plan of bragging was spoiled.

That was a very traumatic experience for both of us. So the following year, another vaccination program was implemented. You know what we did? While the entire class was busy, we throw our bags outside the window and asked permission if we can go to the toilet. Then we hurriedly picked our bags and run home! Both our moms were worried when we left the school so the following year, each time there is a vaccination program, they go to our room and simply help us out, exempting us from the injection. Whew! that goes til I graduated my elementary years.

Of course I’m a mommy now and glad I already overcome my fear of needles lol :). I had some stitches when I gave birth and I encouraged my kids to be strong and accompany them to the doctor.

I wish that someday, Jocelyn will be able to read this post and we will be able to see each other again…


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