FRANK hits Philippines

Hey guys, I’m back after 12 days lol! (sigh) I wish I can do blogging religiously but I can’t go beyond my strength.. I was working late.. so late almost until dawn…

We have a bad weather lately. The Philippines was hit by storm Frank and destroyed many provinces and left an increasing death toll. 2 ships sunk, MV Princess of the Star and MV Papa of the Orient. It really saddens me to see these tragedies that had taken many lives. This can be avoided if we only have the right equipment and technology. Unfortunately, the Filipino people have a government seats full of corrupt officials.

Now they are blaming each other, the Weather Bureau (PAGASA) because of inconsistent weather forecast, the shipping line, Sulpicio because of the poor communication, the coast guard and Maritime Agency for not responding immediately. These are but mere alibis at the expense of many lives of our poor kababayans. My heart is really aching for those people crying and begging, hoping to see the remains of their loved ones. As I was watched the late night news, it shows rescue operations, but the officers assigned were complaining about their gadgets… and what angers me, they have no budget and just waiting to hitch. Indeed! We really have a beggar government.

Many years had passed and it’s still the norms in politics. They can fund personal propagandas, they pocketed government budgets, they conducted series of investigations to different issues but most are “unfinished business”.

Storm Frank is gone now and so the lives, houses and resources of many Filipino people. There are many appearances on TVs and a lot of dole out to distressed areas but the root cause are not addressed yet. One of these days, another storm will come which may take many lives again and yet, we are not prepared because of our government’s poor services. It is high time indeed that we learned from this lessons.


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