Luisita Park – Tarlac City Philippines

I am not a Tarlaquena by blood. I am here because I was relocated here by the company where I worked 18 years ago.

I am a Bicolana by blood and left my hometown to work in Manila. My 3rd job was at Kawasaki Motors Philippines and after 2 trainings in Japan, I was transferred as pioneer employee to Tarlac to train the newly hired employees. I was only 20 years old then and single, probably that was the main reason why I accepted the relocation; I have no family to worry of.

Tarlac then was a typical province, no sign of progress. The road to my company- IWSPC (Int’l wiring Systems Phils. Corp) was a rough road. IWSPC was one of the first locator at Luisita Industrial Park, it is a Special Export Processing Zone located at San Miguel, Tarlac City Philippines. In my previous post about Mt. Pinatubo, I shared my experiences regarding my first days in Tarlac. I deal with loads of ashes lol!

It’s a new adjustment and I have to deal with it. I was cut from city life, no movies, no disco, no parks and I have to walk more or less 3 kilometers to reach the highway. I lived in a dormitory provided by the company beside the company premises. Transport are all inbound. No outbound transport and you have to walk if you want to reach the nearest town.

I don’t know how I endure living here, maybe because I met my hub here lol! But Progress came to us after 5 years and the old place with tall grasses and trees turned into a beautiful park. And the pictures below will show you the progress of once a sleeping province.

This is the famous Jollibee, a pure Filipino food chain. This has many branches nationwide and already reached the tongue of different countries including America. My kids loves this place. Sabrina, Rajisha and my youngest son Nonoy celebrated birthdays here.

This is Luisita Mall. I took some pictures for souvenir. You’ll never see this building again in the coming months for it is undergoing construction. Robinson Mall will occupy the site.

These picture were taken inside Luisita Park. That building is Max’s restaurant, one of famous Filipino restaurant that specializes in fried chicken. I love that place. Rajisha and Nonoy’s baptismal party were held here.

This is Starbucks, yes we also have a branch of that famous cafe here. This is a hotspot so if you want to enjoy free unlimited internet surfing while sipping your favorite blend of coffee, this is the place to go. I bet you also love this place.

This is Pizza Hut. In case you want a delicious pizza, that is also available at LIP park and of course, there is Greenwich too but because Luisita Mall is under construction, they moved temporarily near Maligaya Variety Store beside 7 eleven, infront of Camp Servillano Aquino.

Yes, this is a genuine train. A century old train used at the Sugar cane Plantation owned by Cojuangcos. It now turned as one of the Park’s attraction.

38 comments on “Luisita Park – Tarlac City Philippines

  1. Kaya nga kumuha na ko ng mga pictures prior to the construction. At present ay tapos na ang first floor ng Robinson. Tentative opening probably ay November. I’ll post new photos pa din para ma update kau sa mga changes.


  2. Hi! i just wanna thank you for posting this pictures.. tagal ko na kasing hindi nakakauwi about 10 years na.. a lot of things has change nga. i used to live in maligaya .Thanks again..


  3. Hi Kisha, wow, a decade away from your homeland, nakaka miss yun diba 🙂 I’m glad na madami akong kababayan na napapadaan sa blog ko.

    Thanks for coming by ingat ka din jan 🙂


  4. Hi Jelyn, ang alam ko yung supermarket ay natapos na yung hiring prior pa sa pag open nung oct 30, yung sa second floor na lang ata pero call center daw yun at wala pa namang announcement kng kelan ang hiring for the call center…

    Salamat sa pagbisita mo sa blog ko 🙂


  5. Hello,.Im a Tarlaqueno,native of San Vicente Sta.Ignacia Tarlac.Im gonna miss those all.good for you,you had those for souvenirs.Ive worked in LIP too, (Sanyo-semicon) since 2004-2006 and now Im working in Canada.I remember having a Christmas party of my department (Quality control)at Max’s and eating Jollibee with co-workers,having some coffee at Starbucks.Oh I love starbucks so much. Nwei it would be better if the Luisita Mall will upgrade into Robinson’s Mall because it meant lots of job vacancies for the Tarlaquenos.So what date Robinsons will be open to public?


  6. Hi Mary Joanne welcome to my blog 🙂

    Actually the Robinson supermarket opened last October 30 and is now operational. According to my latest info, Jollibee, Max and other commercial establishments will be retained kaya di mawawala yan. Yea, I used to work at LIP too, IWSP. Your previous manager at Sanyo si Mitch, friend ko yun. Good for you anjan ka. Ingat ka lagi jan 🙂


  7. Hi Jopet, the last time na nag inquire ako sabi nila baka next year pa daw kc under construction pa din naman yung second floor. Me admin office sila dun try mo na lang mag inquire.


  8. Wala pa rin silang idea kng anong name ng call center kc plano pa din lang yun, wala pang malinaw kng kelan kaya bali-balita pa din lang pero sabi nila me call center daw talaga na mag oopen se second floor


  9. Hi Juliet,
    Tagal ko ng iniisip kung saan itatayo yung Robinson, dun lang pala sa Luisita Mall hahaha. Talagang progressive na ang Tarlac, tamang tama ang Training Center ko sa Carangian hahaha. 1995 nung last na napunta ako sa loob ng LIP (I worked with Avantex last time for 2 months) pero I changed field from Maintenance in Avantex, napunta ako ng Inspection work sa Manila ayun medyo naswertehan, kaya naitayo ang Heats School of Welding Technology hehe.

    O mga kabalen, baka gusto nyong mag training ng Welding, Inspection, NDT, IQA, ISO 9000 pasyalan nyo lang kami sa Carangian or i visit nyo ang blog namin.

    By the way, ang progress ngayon, pa western naman, nag start na sa San Pablo, Carangian at Tibag papunta sa western barrios


    • You mean di mo pa alam na bukas na ang Robinson? last Oct. 30 pa ang opening ng grocery, marami na ring stalls at kainan. Waiting na lang ang ang mga shopping enthusiasts d2 sa pagtatapos ng second floor para sa department store, boutiques and call center. Open na rin ang SCTEX kaya mabilis na ang byahe 🙂


  10. hindi teletech tarlac ang call center na newly open sa tarlac city? im from teletech and they are now hiring employees for our tarlac delivery center (teletech)


  11. Hi.. I enjoyed looking at the pics and reading your blog. Regarding sa call centers blues po, Teletech Tarlac po ung sa 2nd floor. They are already recruiting agents na.


    • Hi Kathy,

      Thank you for coming by at Pinaykeypoint blog. Thank you also for providing that info. That would be helpful to my other readers and job seekers.



  12. Hi there! Please keep me posted coz I am a call center agent for almost 7 YEARS working in clarkfield pampanga I just got pregnant and decide to resigned coz I cant manage to commute TARLAC TO PAMPANGA everyday since I have a risky pregnancy.My doctor advised me to rest for a while but i’ll be back working soon after i gave birth and if Teletech will be operating here in tarlac i’ll be glad to apply….



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  14. dear juliet

    your blog is very informative! thanks.

    my sister will be relocating in tarlac next month.

    do you know a residential condominium that we can check out for her possible residence? she is our youngest and im worried.

    big sister


    • Hi,

      Thank you for dropping by. Currently, there are no res condos here but there are decent residential subdivisions that may suit your needs and budget. Where is the particular relocation site of your sister? Is it in Tarlac City or just a place within a Tarlac province?

      Juliet 🙂


  15. hello again juliet,

    my sister will be working for the tarlac provincial hospital under USAID. what is the nearest and safest subdivision or residential place that we can go to? can you hook me up with someone who can help me on this?

    really appreciate your help.

    big sister


  16. good day…ask ko lang kung totoo na magkakaroon n ng call center sa 2nd floor ng robinson.. if ever san po pwede mag apply…thank you..


  17. ate juliet, curious lng po.. taga manila po ako and i wanted to go there in luisita robinson mall panu po ba makarating ng commute lng…?

    mag mumula po ako sa cubao at ilang oras beyahe?

    and mula sa luisita park my sakayan po ba ng MAPALACSIAO? kc i got a frend there sa mapalacsiao kso di ko alam exact address nila, bsta ang naaalala ko mapalacsiao san miguel tarlac ung sinabi ng frend ko. wala n kc kming kontak.

    tabanao family po sila baka u know that family name?

    i would really appreciate ur help…


  18. hello ate juliet taga manila po ako, panu po makarating ng luisita mall by commute lng?

    manggagaling pa po ako now cubao e…..

    and pag nasa luisita park na my sakayn po b ng MAPALACSIAO?
    my frend po kc ako sa mapalacsiao san miguel tarlac and balak ko din puntahan kaso di ko alam exact addres nila pero mapalacsio san miguel taralac sila…

    tabanao family name nya baka po my kilala kaung TABANAO family….

    w8 ko po reply nyo..

    salamt po and godbless…


  19. hello ate juliet ask ko po panu po ba makarating ng luisita robinson mall by commute po?

    manggaling p po ako ng cubao…

    at pag nasa luisita park n po b my sakayan po b ng MAPALACSIAO?
    my frend po kc ako dun sa mapalacsiao san miguel tarlac kso di ko alam exact address nila,,

    tabanao po family name nila, my kilala po b kau tabanao family name?

    w8 ko po response nyo..


  20. hi po itatanong ko lng po kung my job fair po dyan sa my luisita tarlac? ako po maria divina chua. graduate po ako ng computer technician sa aclc malolos.2 yeras po. im from malolos city.. salamat po


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