Martinet School IT Training

August 18, 2008

I conducted an IT Training at Martinet School Inc, a private grade school at Maligaya, Tarlac City. The training was attended by 17 participants, composed of faculty and staff of Martinet school.

Among the participants were Mrs. Josefina B. Tolentino, Martinet’s principal and Mrs. Amanda L. Reyes, School’s Board of Director.

The Training was focused on Computer Fundamentals, Internet and the World Wide Web. The faculty and staffs were actively participating in the discussions. The training started at 9am and has ended at 4pm.

I was very pleased with the warm accommodation of Mrs. Tolentino and Mrs. Reyes. They are still looking forward for continuous training in the future.

IT Training and seminar is one of my bid for social responsibility. I believe that the key to progress is to help the country in nation building, and one important factor is education.

Since, Philippines is one of the third world, the digital divide is so prominent. Most people in key cities are still left behind as far as IT is concerned.

In my experience, people are just using computers for documentation and internet is just for email, chat and research. This little knowledge goes for many years as there are so few institutions giving out free IT Training.

In this training, I gave emphasis in integrating IT in educating students. I am urging them to go out from traditional blackboard and chalk and maximize the use of computer and create interactive materials as aid in teaching.

Most of the teachers agreed to this call but they raised the problem that they need to understand and learn further the use of presentation programs.

We agreed in continuous training and support. I know this will add up to my busy schedule but I am happy to impart my knowledge and help them enhance their skill.

I just hope that someday, I can find people to support me to organize an institution wherein we can give IT training for free. We really need this in my country.

5 comments on “Martinet School IT Training

  1. I agree when you said that we are still behind as far as IT education is concerned. Here also in Bicol, that is also a concern, especially now, when some IT companies have invested in an on-going construction of an IT Park. They said that they need IT graduates and trainees to fill in the seats for these companies. That’s why SLTCFI, on of the Bicol colleges provides IT education and training even for the less fortunate Bicolano youth. We hope that we, and the country as a whole, can catch up. It’s a technologically fast-paced world out there…


  2. Hello Miko, Thanks for visiting my blog, I’m glad to have a bikolano visitor. I’m also a bikolana from Naga city. I tried looking for your blog too to post a reply to your comment but it seems ur not posting yet. I found your friendster tho…

    What is SLTCFI? can you give me some info about it so I can refer some bikolano visitor who are asking for an IT training in our area?



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