Tarlac City Schools’ Division Press Conference 2008

This is a yearly activity for public and private High School and Elementary Schools in Tarlac City. It was held at San Miguel Central Elementary School (SMCES) on September 11 and 12, 2008. Delegates from different schools participated for the following categories;

Day 1

Editorial writing – English and Filipino

Feature Writing – English and Filipino

News Writing – English and Filipino

Editorial Cartooning – English and Filipino

Photo Journalism – English and Filipino

Day 2

Sports Writing – English and Filipino

Script Writing – English and Filipino

Broadcasting – English and Filipino

The activity started at 8 a.m. with a short program facilitated by Tarlac South District and SMCES. Some expected speakers didn’t show up in this activity.

My daughter Jessica from TSU Lab School was one of the participants in that activity but according to her, they never had enough time to prepare unlike other schools which are preparing months prior to this event. I know this because she only just told me last week that they have to practice. TSU Lab School didn’t participate for the past 2 years and my daughter said that Mr. Dungca have done an effort so they can join. She asked me for 200.00php registration fee but fortunately, it was returned to me after the event. According to her, TSU shouldered the expenses but she was so disappointed by the certificates. I understand why, it was printed in a half bond paper printed in economy mode. My daughter is compiling all certificates for every activity that she attended and this is the worst certificate that she received.

Tarlac Montessori and Maliwalo National High School bagged most of the awards. TSU Lab School had managed to get 4 slots for Regional School Press Conference.

Jessica told me that most of the winners came from public schools wherein they really expressed their innermost feeling towards poverty and other political and economic issues. Of course, these students are directly affected and can express their emotions whether in writing or drawing unlike students from private schools who never really experience the real face of poverty and oppression.

Here are some of the photos that my hub was taken during the press con.

San Miguel Central Elementary School Front Gate

San Miguel Central Elementary School “Bahay Kubo”

Day 1 – TSU Lab School Participants

Day 2 – TSU Lab School -Jessica with her friends

Jessica – Feature Writing

Masakit na ata ang ulo mo anak… kaya mo yan 🙂

Editorial Cartooning Entries

My daughter is extending her warm gratitude for their Trainer Mr. Jayson Bernardo Dungca for his patience and support for the entire team of TSU Lab School. Salamat Sir!!

18 comments on “Tarlac City Schools’ Division Press Conference 2008

  1. Wala akong list ng final result. kasali kc ang daughter ko sa activity na to pero di nya monitor ang entire activity kc iba ibang lugar ginaganap. Wala man daw ni release na final result sa bulletin board, division kc yun kaya nasa division office cguro ang list. I’ll try kng makakakuha ako. Thanks for the visit


  2. Kc po, were having a hard time looking for the theme… sa october 9-11 pa po kc yung sa amin dito sa cagayan de oro city… salamat po! God bless!


  3. Hello Chester,

    Ang theme nila ay “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD” by Benjamin Franklin. Me drawing ito na mga bata na me hawak na pen with many books sa isang desk. I hope this helps…

    Thanks for visiting my site 🙂


  4. salamat po ate! but i wanted to look for its theme from DepEd Memorandum. Tulad po last year, the theme was “Promoting a Culture of Peace through Responsible Campus Journalism” kasi as far as i know, kung ano theme jan, yun din po ang dito sa amin. para bang uniform lahat then meet kami for the national level with the same theme. thank you po!


  5. You were right about TSU-LS students not having enough time to prepare for the PressCon. It seems that TSU-LS is paying more attention to the non-academic contests (e.g. the malatarlac dance thingy) which are less important (in my opinion, at least).

    I spent my elementary years in Tarlac Montessori School where participants were excused from their classes for at least one month before the actual competition, while in TSU-LS, I think we only had a whole day of practice for the cluster and a total of 4 hours of practice (2 hours per day) for the DSPC. I was lucky enough to have saved a slot for the regionals.

    I understand how she felt about the certificate. Mine was an UNSIGNED, photocopied one. =p

    It’s great that 4 LSians got into the RSPC this time. I hope they all get through and win in the NSPC.

    TSU was the one who shouldered ALL our expenses in the RSPC, though. If I remember it right, the school gave us P2000 each (there were 2 of us plus the adviser) and we got to keep the remaining P500 to ourselves. =)


  6. Yes, I also have qualms about some TSU’s practices. My daughter is sharing me her ranting about those. Maybe this is the dilemma of sending your kids to public schools. My daughter is also a product of Tarlac Montessori grade school. She graduated last 2006.

    I am glad you find my place here. Thanks for coming by


  7. Hi Lance, Thanks for coming by and for linking to my blog. I also visited your blog today and it’s nice. So you’re tracking down DEPED’s activities.

    I am not a teacher by profession, I’m a stay home mommy that’s earning a living through online work. I am connected to many schools though because one of my homebase business is student ID designs and I have clients here and even outside Tarlac. I am also providing free web presence to my clients if they hired our service.

    My blog is geared to feature diversified issues related to parenting, relationships and other social issues like health and poverty, economic and politics as well.

    I am also covering some current events here so I can update my readers. again, thanks for coming by and sure, I’ll include your link too 🙂


  8. sayang talaga 1st to 3rd lang ang madadala sa NSPC,
    sana 1st to 7th nalang, i only ranked 4th kasi… and i want to experience participating national competitions, but anywyz okay nalang yun at least nanalo ako…pero sana Mr. Lapus i change mo ang memo…ahihi..lol> cge till here gud lak nalang sa NSPC!


  9. Nice post! You truly have a wonderful way of writing which I find captivating! I will definitely be bookmarking you and returning to your blog. In fact, your post reminded me about a strange thing that happened to me the other day. I’ll tell you about that later…


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