San Francisco Day Care Center

I just finished creating the blogsite for San Francisco Day Care Center. This is one of our 3 day care center projects. They have almost 70 day care students. I designed and printed their student ID cards and as you can see the number of students does not give us enough profit but we are giving them free web presence.

Giving out free IT trainings and web presence are my bid for social responsibility. I always believe that education plays a major role in nation building. For this reason, I am sharing my skill to achieve these goals. I already conducted several free IT trainings in the past and this is my contribution to bridge digital divide in my own way. I am encouraging organizations and public schools in my province to avail the advantages of having web presence which shall benefit the students, the parents & the school. It will enhance communication because the school will have a good venue to post current activities and upcoming programs.

Excerpt from San Francisco blogsite:

Social Workers are also considered as “Living Heroes” because of their unceasing effort to help and serve the community. Running and teaching a public day care center requires patience and passion. Mrs. Rebecca Manalang is one good example, she is not just teaching the kids but she’s extending motherly love as well.

The concept of daycare program is to help the working parents and prepare the children for formal education. Attending daycare center will enhance good behavior as the children learns to play within the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Although, children are not graded academically, they still have writing and reading sessions. They are taught how to draw and create projects which improve their learning skills…. More click here…

3 comments on “San Francisco Day Care Center

  1. Sa Tarlac lang po at the moment kc free po yun, kung lalabas po kmi, that would be additional cost for us and we can’t afford it. Pero kng madami ang number of students ng school nyo, mag co costing pa muna po kami kung kakayanin pero depende pa din po sa location at number of students. We could pm po for clarification. pls add ladyredwarrior in your YM.

    Thanks for visiting my site.


  2. Within tarlac po kami pero naka pag pa ID na, ano pa po ang iba pa nyong services na pwde namin ma avail para makaroon din kami ng site like martinet and san francisco?

    Hi Mitch, please add me in your YM and we can chat regarding your inquiry…

    Thanks for the visit 🙂



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