Another Project from Calbayog Samar

My friend Liza arrived from Calbayog, Samar last September 17, 2008. May pasalubong syempre, malagkit na duman sa dahon, pili tart at fresh tuyo. Is there such thing as fresh tuyo? Lol 🙂 Liz thank you ha. Very late na tong post ko.

Her present partner Riz is a native of Calbayog and Liz went home to join her on their fiesta celebration. Liz, if you’re reading this, you owe me some photos okay? The good news is, they were able to close a deal at Samar Agricultural High School with almost 240 students. It’s an ID contract with free web presence.

I was surprised when I received a text message from Liza asking me for detailed instructions about ID pictorial. I remember the very first time we took photos for elementary students in one of the Public school at Tarlac, it was such an unforgettable experience. That was almost 1,000 students and I was so exhausted on our first day. After that, I created a comprehensive plan and procedure with complete forms and materials that will help us facilitate a speedy pictorial.

I gave Liza some inputs thru YM and amazingly, they managed to finished the pictorial in one day without any hassle. Congratulations Liz & Riz for a job well done! Any birthpain? 🙂

Heres some of the photo of the place…

Hanep sa pose ha, parang babarilin sa Luneta hehehe 🙂

Typical provincial look

Na miss ko tuloy my homeland Bikol ganitong-ganito yung itsura ng school ko nun 🙂

O, sa gitna ng parang yan 🙂

Imagine di mo na kailangan mag trek, papasok ka pa lang sa school parang trekking na 🙂

3 comments on “Another Project from Calbayog Samar

  1. Yala Juliet dear,
    It’s nice to know I have been blogged by someone (not only in my own blog site). Yeah, taking ID pictures for the first time was a great and funny experience. I shared some secret there. Calbayog is full of “bayot” or homosexual. From their teachers down to the students. They are so funny and they really looks great. All lesbians that we encountered them were so “manly.” (I am glad they can come out and freed themselves at the young age.) All gays there were wearing make up and headbands and really a great source of fun to their fellow schoolmates. The only minor problem we encountered there, was when the memory card of the digicam we used went full. We forgot to bring the USB and my cellphone (at least we can borrow my MMC from it) so we need to go home and be back asap to finish the remaining students and teachers. But generally speaking we really have fun. So sad that we didn’t remember to photo shot some of the activities.
    Thank you for guiding us and more project to go.


  2. Hi Baliz 🙂

    Of course you’re already a part of this blog since my Montesorri de Xevera Project. I may say not just a part of my blog but indeed a part of our life. I am always thankful for all the good things that you do not only for me but for my kids and my family as a whole. You’re one of the reason why I still believe in friendship. I love you dear, if I have to think about positive output i gained joining trade union struggles that brought danger in my life, it is meeting you and having you as my friend. I am glad that you’re sharing and now working within the field of my interest. I know there still be a lot of projects ahead of us. Remember, we have to make it on a cruise, shopping and traveling 🙂 we have to save money for that 🙂


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