Undas sa Pinas 2008

 NOVEMBER 1, 2008

Filipinos are celebrating All Saints Day and All Souls Day every 1st and 2nd day of November. It’s one of the most celebrated traditions in our country. We call it “Undas” or “Fiesta ng mga Patay” in Tagalog and because I’m a Bicolana, we call it “Fiesta ng mga Kalag” in Bicol Term.

Fiesta, yes this is almost a festivity as families are going to cemeteries to pray and celebrate. It’s a whole day activity and to some, they even spend it overnight. It’s like a party or reunion as we are also bringing foods aside from flower and candles.

Yesterday, Hub and Jane went at Eternal Memorial Park at 7am to prepare our place. They brought some chairs and light candles while I prepared some food for our lunch and snacks. Every year, I usually cook “pancit” and “malagkit” for this occasion. This is a native Filipino food. We also put “atang” or food offerings in our altars. It’s a traditional food offering for the souls of our departed loved ones.

Some communities are also holding Halloween Party and “Trick or Treat” but in our Barangay (Pinoy Term for Community), families are spending the day at the cemetery. We prepare flowers, candles and my son even bought his pet Meme to spend the day with us.

My kids enjoyed the day playing, eating and running around. It’s also a time to meet old friends as many of our friends who are staying at other towns and provinces are going home to visit their loved ones. This is also a nice time for family reunions so it’s almost a dual celebration both for the departed loved ones and the family as a whole.

These are some of the pictures of the Undas

In loving memory of Inang, Tatay Pedro and Kuya FrancingMy eldest daughter Jesicca >>> pa cute  🙂Yours truly and my kids- Jek, Sab, Isha, Nonoy, my niece Jane and KBHub & the kidsMy youngest son, NonoyJane, Isha & KB >>> hala kain ng kain 🙂Hub’s niece Marilyn A.K.A. “Basisang” and her BF Aldrin>>> Oiii, sweet nila 🙂Sabrina>>> Pa cute din  🙂Inabot na kami ng gabi

My sis in-law, Ate Luz and niece Cherry

E2 c Hub dapat daw me solo pic sya 🙂 (talo pa ko- ako wala 🙂 )

at syempre only in the Philippines: Negosyo kahit araw ng patay 🙂

Okay, til here folks, that’s our yearly celebration of UNDAS SA PILIPINAS. Til next post 🙂 Ingat!

Note: ingat means take care

41 comments on “Undas sa Pinas 2008

  1. Nice theme…more organized and with color. Thanks for greeting me but as a Born Again Christian we don’t celebrate that holiday. But thank you for thinking of me.
    Actually I missed the “Araw ng Patay” in our Philippines because…:-)


  2. Hi Bing, I’m glad to read your message 🙂 nabitin ako sa sagot mo>>> re:Actually I missed the “Araw ng Patay” in our Philippines because… 🙂 because?? nasa US kana 🙂 Good luck sa pregnancy mo ha, ingatan mo yan


  3. Seems like a double get together – friends as well as family !! Occassions like these not only creates good memories but also rejuvenates your mind & soul. You feel more happier and composed within yourself. I too, like socializing and closing the gap between relations and friends. Nice blog and gr8 HAPPY pics.


  4. ganyan talaga ang ekonomiya sa pinas kahit mahina, negosyo pa rin ng negosyo. katulad niyan kahit araw ng mga patay andyan yung pldt mydsl, baka nandoon din yung smartbro hindi lang nakita sa may gilid hehehehe!


  5. Hello Daniel, it’s nice to have you back, sayang naman kng dika pumunta, once a year lang naman to at tradition na nating mga pinoy 🙂

    nung maliit pako enjoy ako kya ngayung ako nman ang mommy, I see to it that my kids experience the same event saka pagpapahalaga to sa mga yumao kahit pa nga sinasabi ng ibang paniniwala na wala na sila siguro for respect pa din na naging part sila minsan ng masayang buhay natin 🙂


  6. Hi Janet, welcome back!

    Yep, malapit na kc pasko kya Christmas na ang theme ko, gusto ko kc sumasabay ang theme ko sa season para masaya 🙂 After Christmas back to basic theme 🙂 musta na?


  7. ehehe uu nga poh eh sayang naging busy kasi me nagtirik nalang ako kandila sa hauz 🙂 nga poh pala naayos ko na yung link dun sa comment u poh sa comment luv and linkly luv na post ko 🙂 hehe pacenxa na nalimutan ko pala lagyan ng http kaya di gumana visit nalang poh u ulit here Comment Luv + Linky Luv thanks 🙂


  8. Oii bro Spiky Dios mabalos man noy sa pag tagged mo sakuya, sige ta eu man ang guibohon ko 🙂 Maski amay pa maurag daa ang amay ta daog pa baga kayan ang mahigos 🙂


  9. Hi Shem, thank you for coming by. Your joyful comment is a reflection of a happy soul 🙂 but when I drop a visit in your blog, I saw a different spirit. Hey girl, cheer up!! Those things are just part of growing up okay. Don’t let things bug you down, remember we are all born winners 🙂


  10. very nice family

    good tradition also to remember they that already gone, to remember Their Love to us & to show that we still love them too.

    and remember without them we are never exist in dis world…rite


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