US Presidential Race

NOVEMBER 5, 2008

Before I proceed with my new post, I want you to know that this post is beyond my tag and my theme. “A glimpse to the Pearl” as my tag line reflects my opinions and reactions about diversified issues on parenting, poverty, governance and a lot more but in the context of Philippine setting.  I created this blog on purpose that I want to give you a glimpse of the view point of an ordinary Filipina from ordinary family. I know that we came from different countries, beliefs, traditions and culture and knowing each others differences through personal blogging and updates creates a new community and a new world united by one concept: Friendship and sharing regardless of race, language and religion.

obamaThe presidential race of the United States of America has been the center of attention of any media, be it print, radio, TV and the World Wide Web. It’s a constant topic on many class debate, talk show and even a mockery on TV sit coms and editorial cartoons. Maybe, I was the last person in the blogging world who never lifts a finger to discuss this topic. It’s not because I’m not interested but because I want to stick to my tag line and the US presidency is something beyond my tag line.

But the race was over now and the champion had raised his hands at the finished line with flying colors. In this very important occasion, I want to give you a glimpse of my opinion but of course it’s still in the context of Philippine setting.

America, for many is a promised land with greener pasture and vast opportunities. For this reason, many Filipinos left the Philippine soil to taste the milk and honey and to have a glimpse of snow and Hollywood as well. Some had realized their dreams but to some, America has been a big hell and nightmare. These were the people who were abused and had been a victim of crimes and accidents.

America is a strong nation which has a strong clout in all aspect of governance not only in the 50 states but in the whole world as well. We are all a living witness of how America had risen itself to pedestal of fame and power but we also see how it began its journey to financial drought. Many of my American friends had been angered by political stigma which slowly shattered the American dreams.

In the midst of political and economic struggle, the birth of a new fighter emerged in the arena which threatens many big and powerful Americans. It was almost a racial fight but in the end, Americans had proven once again how they loved their homeland and the hope of a new promise shines vividly in the horizon.

The Clout of American control is very eminent in the Philippine government, education, culture and ways. Many Radical Filipinos had sacrificed their lives fighting for genuine freedom and democracy. I don’t know how many more lives will be wasted until such time that we are able to fill the government seat with true political leaders who will serve the Filipino people with all their mind, heart and might. I know this will still a long way out but in the meantime, I will extend my hand to all Americans and congratulate them for winning this fight. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope with them that those promises we heard will came into reality. I hope that Philippines, though millions miles away, will be able to feel the drastic change that will be executed by President Obama. God Bless our country & the whole world.

18 comments on “US Presidential Race

  1. Hi Edz, touched naman ako sau 🙂 ung mga ganitong comments ay sobrang importante sa akin. Masaya ako na kahit sa blogging ay marami akong naaabot at napapasayang tao.

    Do you know that I used to march on the street rallying for workers’ concern and many of my comrades has died because of a word called “principle” and I was forced to leave my job because of the danger brought to me by the same word. But I have no regret kc nakilala ko kau sa bagong mundong ito 🙂


  2. I still don’t believe Obama can change or lead America to progress. His platform still is skeptical because of its inconsistency. Americas problems are not triggered by the financial crisis alone nor its national security but its moralistic stands.


  3. Hi Bing, well in the context of activists’ point of view, no capitalists system will ever reach the top without a strong downfall. History has proven itself how capital alienated the very people producing them.

    Political leaders are just mere decorations and puppets to make the show more interesting. I, myself don’t ever believe that president alone nor the entire congress and senate can lead a country to progress without the support of its constituents.

    “Progress” itself is an incurable cancer which leads its host to its grave…


  4. Hello, thank you for coming by. I’m not Pro nor Anti Obama but America’s politics has always brings its domino effect for both political and economic trends and policies, so I still hope Obama will be a better alternative 🙂


  5. Obama should better keep his promises to everyone into a reality…I know when the world faces many ordeals, America will always his priority, not the other countries. But then again, others are hoping that he’ll be an instrument for a great heal in everyone.

    Maiba tayo, sino si Juliet? 🙂


  6. Thanks for the award bro 🙂 and yes Obama must fulfill his promise or else his race will be wrap in a straitjacket and will be doomed forever 🙂 Juliet is yours truly…. ako po yun wala ng iba…


  7. People always think some knight in shining armor will come along like Obama, and cure the economy and the pending economic collapse. I have news for all you dreamers. A president, regardless of how well meaning and good has no control over the economy. The USA will not solve its national debt crisis, and when the baby boomers, 78 million of them retire and go on government insurance soon, this will be the final death nail to the American dream, or what is left of it. As Obama said in his address, America’s problems will not be solved by one President, or one term or in ten years. The USA has built a house of cards, and is a crippled dinosaur, and the nightmare it started with drag down the entire world financial system. Keep praying for those that have preyed on you have started a storm that will engulf us all!


  8. Hi EuroYank, thanks for the regular visit, I myself is a regular reader of your posts too and marvels at your views and opinions.

    This world is just a mere play “the game of the generals” and controlled by isolated forces bigger and stronger than any country and they’re playing us all in their ditty fingers.

    Until the entire human race face the doom brought by this “devil forces” who has nothing in mind but power and fame regardless of thousand of casualties, poverty and economic turmoil, then maybe, just maybe… the point of realization will dawn to many…

    We are just a dot in the world wide web but I know the voice will be louder if we’re shouting it together… again thank you for this brave comment 🙂


  9. I love my country but am sad of what it has become. We are very upset over the war and don’t believe our country military should be over there. We need to start rebuilding our country back into what it once was and keep our nose out of other countries affairs. We need a president to address American issues and keep focused on us for a change, you wrote a very nice post and your information is right on target.


  10. I truly agree with you Margaret, the love and pride by your fellow Americans for your country is very prominent, maybe one of the reason why you reached the peak of success.

    But sometimes success blinds a man’s heart and lure him to ask for more. This is what happened to your leaders, the whims to extend its control beyond your reach is so strong that even at the expense of its people, of its military, they were sent from one country to another not to help but to kill and be killed…

    And the repercussion is so great… it really shaken us all….


  11. Even if that man stepped down tomorrow, I believe he has set a standard as to how to give hope and confidence to the people. As for the former president, he serves a purpose to to show what not to be elected. At 10 years of age, my son saw Bush and Kerry’s speeches back then and said, that man doesn’t even know how to talk right. So hopefully with the embarrassment of Bush and the new hope and confidence presented by Obama, a new standard for future leaders will arise.


  12. Hi there Stewart, warm welcome to you 🙂 I had been to your site last night and it’s nice…

    Let’s face it, to vote or not to vote will never stop any president to emerge to his seat. We really have to choose and for me, Pres. Obama is still a good alternative.

    Bush Administration was over and proven it’s worth. The fact that Obama had won with an overwhelming votes manifests that he was able to unite a major numbers of Americans and it’s one of the great characteristic of a leader;to gain a numbers of followers.. I am hoping with you for the better of your country and mine. May our leaders truly serve their purpose…

    Again, thank you for dropping by 🙂


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