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I just finished modifying my link page. If you are looking for my blogroll, you wont see it in my side bar because I already transferred it in my link page. I created that page 2 months ago and I left “This page is under construction” note but I noticed that it has already comments so I decided to update it.

My link page has a list of MyBlogLog Community members and I posted their profiles and avatars.


MyBlogLog is a yahoo service which provides a venue for bloggers and website owners to communicate. You don’t have to sign up if you already have a yahoo account. Just log-in using your yahoo account. This is the account you used when you are chatting thru Yahoo Messenger and your e-mail address as well. Your yahoo account is a central account which you can use for opening all yahoo service such as YM, Ymail, Yahoo 360, Flicker, Geocities, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Games , MyBlogLog and many more… You can find all yahoo services by going to yahoo homepage and clicking more yahoo services.

I created my first email address in 1999 and internet during that time is very rare. I just have to create an email address because I have nephews in US and we have to communicate. I am using AOL mail and AOL Messenger then. My browser then was Netscape Navigator.

My link page shall contain my blogroll, my most visited links and resources, my community, my portfolio and contacts from different social communities. I just finished uploading my blogroll and MyBlogLog Community members. Other links will be included soon.

If you’re a MyBlogLog member and you want your profile to be included in my link page and blogroll, just add me, join my community and add my link in your blogroll and inform me by leaving a comment in my link page. Please remember that you must add me first. I have requests of link exchange but after I added their links in my blog, I visited their blogs and noticed that I was not included in their blogroll so I removed them.


I never noticed it in the past but my fellow bloggers told me about it. Well yes, it’s unfair and a one way ticket. Being a blogger, we have to know the basic rules. If we want to have a thriving community, it must be a mutual effort. I make it a point to drop a regular visits and comments to my community members and blogger friends in my blogroll. By doing such, you will see that you are not just adding friends but creating a community as well. When somebody joins your community, we take responsibility to keep in touch with our members. We must send them at least a community message to make them feel that they are important.


My stay in the blogging world was no different when I was a union organizer. We can only create active members and leaders thru constant follow up and meetings. I have requests here to organize a blogger’s community here in Tarlac and I am really taking into consideration if I will push it. My resignation from work was triggered when I was included in the hitlist released by NOLCOM in 2004. Most of the names in the list are now gone and tagged as “Victims of Political Killings” I am a mommy of 4 kids and to slowdown from labor struggles is not cowardice in lieu of life’s preservation. It really breaks my heart to abandon my members especially now that they are facing many labor union issues. These are the reason why I am still hesitant but maybe I will have to start again.

26 comments on “PinayKeyPoint Link Page

  1. Hi Mr/Ms. Kababayan ,

    Magandang araw po. Sorry for commenting your post but we have no way to contact you. We would like to know if we could pay you for adding our website in your blog roll?

    as Anchor text: Philippines Business

    Hoping to hear from you. Should you reply, please email me.

    Jane Jocson
    PBO Marketing Coordinator


  2. you’re right.. some linkers are like that..i used to be very patient with them, give them two weeks or more, maybe that’s their update sked or after that, that’s when i do my manoling morato cut’em.
    i believe most bloggers have the initiative and motivation..but you provide the first initiative, friend, i believe that’s your role, and i know you’re good at that, given your labor organizing experience. i think of all sectors in organizing, labor organizing is the toughest-(that’s a singular mild description).


  3. To WARSHOCK >>>Hi there bro, yes most of bloggers I knew are really good and sensitive about these things and I really love the warm friendship evolving in this blogger-bloggers and blogger-readers interaction that’s why I created a page for them. I am also freeing my sidebar because of ads inquiry. The local sponsors you see in my sidebars are my local clients.

    Regarding these labor stuff, its one of my toughest experience which almost leads me to my grave lolz! I was in the labor org for almost 15 years. Almost half of my life was spent in the negotiating table, representing workers’ concerns and some issues ends up either in court or in the street with streamers and banners 🙂


  4. Hi EUROYANK, it’s nice to see you here today 🙂 Hmmm…. this is a wonderful comment. I’m glad to know that you love my writing 🙂 I’m a regular visitor of your blogs too and you really remind me of my dad


  5. To Ria>>> Thanks for the regular visits and comments at pati na din dun sa award, diko pa na po post, baka 2mro na at sobrang busy ko. tomorrow pa lang ako maluwag nyan 🙂


  6. Ate bat ganun yung website ng munisipyo ng Tarlac ang dami ng message na pinadala ko pero wala mang reply, pang display lang ata yung website kahit yung mga naka post walang updates. Kahit yung job vacancy luma na diba ang dami namang staff ang munisipyo pag pumunta ka nga nagkukwentuhan lang e. Sana naman yung public service ay pagbutihin nila at kng di nila kayang asikasuhin yung mga inquiry sa website sana isara na nila total lagi naman din unavailable yung website nila parang kabute. Wala lang, pasensya na, dito ko nailabas yung inis ko


  7. Naku Mitch luma na yang comment mo 🙂 marami ng ganyang comment d2 at galing lang din ako sa website ng munisipyo mga 1 week na siguro yung comment ko dun pero wla ring reply, buti nga at available na yung URL nila kc dati matagal na wala. Siguro wala talagang in-charge na magmonitor ng inquiries kaya ganun. Regarding naman dun sa job inquiry, isang problema ko din yan e, and daming job inquiry sa landing page ko, yung 3 posts ko na Job Search in Tarlac, Tarlac Luisita at Luisita to Robinson. Di ko na nga din alam kng anu ang isasagot ko sa kanila, kung pwde nga lang mag-ikot para maghanap ng job vacancy na pwd ko ipost d2. Hamo pag me nakita akong friend na taga munisipyo mention ko tong mga concerns nyo. salamat sa pagbisita 🙂


  8. Hi there Aglaonemaku, thanks for joining my community 🙂 I already added you in my link page. I’ve been to your site, thank you for adding me in your blogroll. Welcome to my community. Keep in touch 🙂


  9. Here I am again…. Comment reserved… 🙂 But……thinking…….. OK….

    This post just reminded me that I’d not been using MyBlogLog to promote my blogsites. I just did that now.

    Tagalog?!? . Lol … ang ganda ng site mo, gustong-gusto ko.

    To you Success


  10. Lolz! Gabriel, I bet you are really serious with this tagalog stuff huh 🙂 but I’m flattered… well, you still owe me a drink with that hopping experience.

    you mean, you don’t have an account with MBL yet? ok log-in now and add your blogs 🙂


  11. yes bro, I was walking home from Alabang to Sucat with those tanks parked in Alabang at yung mga madre nasa kalsada dahil sa kudeta ni Honasan. .75php lang ang fare nun sa jeep pero pagkatapos ng kudeta naging 1.50php then dapat sa Canlubang ang relocation ko but Cory is pushing their business, Luisita Industrial Park, so the company decided to relocate here kaya ayun napunta ako d2.

    Then, we had a very long walk from Tarlac to Bataan nung Apec Summit ni Ramos, then Lakbayan, from Pampanga to Batasan for “Oust Erap Movement” Hay, naku maraming kalsada ang tinulugan at nilakad namin during those times, maraming bombero at dispersal 🙂 but looking back, I had no regret because it’s all just part of a wonderful journey of life. What only saddens me is that most of my comrades are all gone now but they were always be remembered…

    Ok, i’ll hit this link bro 🙂


  12. wahahahah! kasama ka pala sa hitlist ha? buti di ka pa nahi hit! heheheh. ingat. lie low. pero wag masyado lie low, baka pag na hit ka, sa sobrang lie low, walang makapansin na na hit ka na pala. hehehhe.

    tenkyu sa pagdalaw sa mga inaamag kong blogs. balak ko din naman i update. meyo pinag-iisipan ko lang pano iko combine para me superpower ang dating. heheh.



  13. Hello buraot buti nahalukay mo din itong blog ko aba sobra akong nag-enjoy sa mga inaamag mong akda ibang klase bro haha. langyang hitlist yan bro naubos kami sa Tarlac as in nawalis at ang masaklap dinedemolis pa kmi d2 sa lugar galing d2 kanina yung GMA news, wait na lang namin kng me epekto.


  14. Hi Riyanne, welcome to my blog 🙂 just visited your site and cast my vote for you. Good luck! Join MBL and meet new blogger friends, don’t forget to join my community and leave a comment in my link page so I can add you. Keep in touch! 🙂


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