Eviction Notice for Zone A, B & C

NOVEMBER 25, 2008

This post is an update regarding the demolition problem at Zone A, B & C San Miguel, Tarlac City.

The Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) issued a final eviction notice which must be complied within 60 days otherwise they would be constrained to make representation for the employment of counteractive legal measures within the authority of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This Final demand is blatantly contained in the document I scanned below.

The threat of demolition is like a plague spreading in the barrios of San Miguel; Zone A, B & C. Just like my neighbors, I am trying to go over with my normal routine although I had a good laugh with my previous post but the reality will always sets in. The fear of losing our home is a daily nightmare to us. One of the residents from Zone B, a retired army had a heart attack after reading the final notice and he died instantly. A 6 by 6 truck with heavy weapons and armies was roaming the barrio and creating confusion and fear among the residents. This is a clear manifestation of harassment. This show of force is a psychological warfare which is a common dirty trick by our very own army.


Joyce Segue of GMA Balitang Amianan conducting an exclusive interview

It’s really frustrating that the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the institution that is liable for the security and protection of the common Filipino is engaging in this outrageous activity. My kids are asking me; why are they doing this to us mommy? My teacher said Soldiers will protect us, but why they are threatening us? Will they kill us too?

These are the simple childish question that I cannot answer. I still have to gather my strength to reckon and give the best answer that would convince my kids that the army, like my dad is a servant and protector of the people. How can a child love a government when at this early stage, they are already experiencing this dilemma?

Joyce Segue, GMA reporter for “Balitang Amianan”news program conducted an interview the other day regarding the escalating issue of demolition. The newly elected association president Col Felipe Damo is instituting several options on how shall we deal with the problem, from legal battle to collective effort of the masses and the residents to defend our home physically. Our strength may not be equal to the guns and goons of the government but we will not just stand at the corner, staring at them doing nothing while they are crashing our home. A bloody dispersal that has wasted many lives at Hacienda Luisita while farm workers are waging fight for just compensation and benefits was also maneuvered by NOLCOM and now, their bloody fingers are once again thirsting for the same scenario.

I am asking for your support my fellow bloggers, in behalf of my neighbors and the children in my community please help us spread this news and blog this issue.

I don’t want another Hacienda Luisita tragedy.
Please spare our home and the children.


Eviction Letter from NOLCOM. Please click for larger view.

NOTE: Watch Joyce interview with Col. Felipe Damo at my YouTube channel: 


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26 comments on “Eviction Notice for Zone A, B & C

  1. Be careful in handling this issue friend. Remember we need strong leaders in the line and we need them alive. Keep us updated with the sequence of events


  2. For the most part, I believe all Governments are corrupt. I’m American and if you think America wouldn’t do such a thing then think again. Your situation sounds bad and you have children which makes things even harder for you. What’s important is to do the right thing no matter what the cost. The little fish out number the big ones. There’s power in numbers and make sure when you confront anyone on these matters to have your cams recording. Document everything and put it on the internet to spread the word.. Just my two cents.. God bless


  3. Thanks for the kind words Louden. That’s all I can do for now, to document this issue but I don’t really know what will happen in the coming days. I’ve been in this battle before, but it concerns other people and family, we’re just there for support but now, it’s us in the midst of this conflict. I just hope that it won’t end up losing some innocent lives…


  4. Ate wag ka na mag front physically, tama na yung ganito idocument mo na lang lahat ng nangyayari jan para ma update rin kami. Nakakapag-alala ang kalagayan nyo pala jan pero at least me media na di tulad nung Hacienda me namatay pa muna bago dumating ang media


  5. Salamat Joy, oo alam ko naman ang limitations ko. Hindi na ako nabubuhay para lang sa sarili ko ngayun kundi para sa anak ko kaya nga umalis ako sa work di ba. So far very thankful kami kc it’s being covered by media now, at least male-lessen yung threat at harrasment.


  6. whoa! that’s the same letter-content handed down to us before we were forced to vacate our house over two years now. Aren’t they satisfied yet with what they’ve done to hundred of families back then?

    Hang in there Juliet, having media around could be your edge over us.
    I’ll pray for you and the rest of my former neighboring barrios.
    Take a load of care always.


  7. The rumors are spreading here in the barrio that the this will be sold to some top commercial investors Bhang and the money will be used for the 2012 election. That’s a very desperate move and we really have to savor the dirty circumstance of election and politics. Government will tolerate this inhumane practices just to raise funds for their whims and caprices at the expense of the people. That’s how rotten the Philippine Government is…


  8. ate yan ba yan yun sa tabi ng camp yung sinara un kanto ginawang parang maliit na eskinita?
    my friend ako dun..nakwento nya na din yan skin cguro before summer pa


  9. yes, ito yung baranggay na makikita mo infront ng Petron hanggang dun sa me tabi ng Camp Aquino Elementary school, bale tatlong baryo to. yung sinara ay yung sa tabi ng High school annex pero yung mga iba open pa.


  10. yep, actually yung sa tabi ng HS Annex ay Zone B yun after ng Annex ay yung St. Michael Park at museum, ung me lumang eroplano at tangke,then yung gate ng Camp Aquino, then yung sa tabi nun, yun ang Zone A, yun ang sinara at ginawang eskinita. napakadaming pamilya ang tatamaan. Mahirap talaga pag umaasenso ang bayan, marami na ang nagnanasa sa lupa.

    According to the old folks, historically, this is not really a reservation camp, this land was donated by a wealthy Philanthropist who is a native of Tarlac solely for the purpose of military housing because, soldiers then came from far flung areas like my father-in-law, he was from Isabela and was relocated here. This was awarded that’s why residents here were already staying for 50 years. Then these NOLCOM people who have just been born yesterday, and the rest of them was from other places not really a native of Tarlac has the face and guts to push us out from our homes. Ang kapal no! and they are hiding from this so called “we are just following orders” that’s the irony of Philippine government system. They can’t even provide the people with decent jobs, then they still want to push you out from your house.

    Then they are wondering why there are people fighting against the government, why they are going to the mountains and joining the resistance movement. These are one of the many reasons. They are pushing us in the mud of poverty. Where on earth shall we get money to build a new home?


  11. tsk tsk..nang harass na naman ang private goons, sino na naman ang bossing nila ngaun?
    sis, mas mabuti na media blow up na ang isyu nyo. malaking tulong ang media in many ways, i’m sure na alam mo na yan. may i ask, buhay pa ba ang PCUP? noon, kasi, dito sa amin, they were staffed by former activists/organizers and they are willing to lend a hand.


  12. Have you seen the paper? ayun nakapirma sya. Yes, this is the positive part because in the past like what Bhang mentioned above, they were pushed out and no media had lift a finger to tackle the issue. Sometime, this is also a problem, the envelope medias. yung tipong poporma lang tapos pag nabayaran wala na wala ka ng maririnig pa tapos makikita mo na lang me bago ng kotse. maraming ganun dito. maraming silent issue na hindi umabot sa media.

    Tulad na lang ng ginawa ng mga Cojuangco sa mga taga Hacienda. But look at them, they are one of the prestigious family in the society with church connection and even entertainment industry but behind them is a horrible truth of the many families who were fooled of the “stock option scheme” and now they are struggling from hunger.

    Regarding naman dun sa progressive groups wala ng gaanong active alam mo kng bakit? halos lahat ng front liners leader d2 ay pinatay kahit yung mga simpleng officer lang ng labor unions. Nagsimula kay Abel Ladera, city councilor, Carding Ramos, Barangay capt and former union pres. of central asucarera, Rolly Mariano, Union President of Tarlac Electric and Arnold Collantes, Sec General of Bayan Muna. Then kahit kami mga labor union leaders lang napunta din sa OB hitlist at yung nakalagay dun halos pinatay lahat. Ganun katindi dito kaya namatay lahat ng organisasyon. Kaya nga sinasamantala naman nila ngayun dahil alam nila takot ang mga tao.


  13. Tsk, i can still remember their rock-hard reason for forcing us: area will be used to built additional structures for active soldiers. But its sickening me seeing the place now IDLE – filled with heightening grass and no blotch of anything to be constructed.


  14. Tsk! i can still remember their rock-hard reason for forcing us: AREA WILL BE USED TO BUILD ADDITIONAL STRUCTURES FOR ACTIVE SOLDIERS. But it’s sickening me seeing the place now IDLE – filled with heightening grass and no blotch of anything to be constructed. (sorry, just to put more emphasis on my comment, i changed their reason to all caps, lol) I’m on you sis!


  15. Yea Bhang, lame excuses. but yes, they repaired the front gate and blocked the Zone B’s right of way. That’s a piece of s….. that they did after pushing out the village residents


  16. Yes i agree..Si danding nga my bata siya sa paniqui na jueteng lord.. akala mo talaga malilinis ang mga cojuangco..pero hindi talaga.
    meron pa nga dito ang simbahan supportado ng cojuangco.. tapos yun mga pari dito mahilig din sa Sugal like SAbong..haiizzz…terrible they are..


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  18. Wishing you also a happy new year to your lovely family [Hercules Hub in the pic]prayer my dear, sometimes people that are roll your sleeves up action types think prayer is useless, I think it’s the only hope.


    • Thank you sweetie for the good words. Happy new year too. I totally agree with you. I don’t know what in store for us in 2009 but I know I have a Big God and He never fails. More blessings to all of us 🙂


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