Just Like blogging, Forums are one of the most visited sites in the internet. I usually visit forum sites and read threads and discussions of my desired topics.

Sometimes in the past, I need an immediate fund, I want to withdraw money from my PayPal account without having to wait for 5 to 7 working days. I Google the keyword Paypal to Gcash or PayPal to Smart Money and a thread from Pinoymoneytalk forum leads me to a thread about PayManila and so my problem was immediately solved.

This is one of the positive effects of forums.


This is a screenshot of the original thread. Click this for larger view.

But the other day, one of my community member from MyBlogLog left a comment in my blog. He raised his concerns about a certain forum site, I clicked the link and read the thread and this is what I found

A newbie member under an alias of shiangtao posted a new topic. He quoted Edz comment at yugatech blog. Included in that topic was Edz name and private information, his emails and blogs. He purposely search for Edz information and posted it at the forum area. He was successful in this thread as he gains a lot of responses which is negative for Edz reputation. I know right there and then that this is a clear violation of privacy policy and I look for the moderator of the site. He was there participating at the forum under the name of AED.

I immediately signed up and posted my comment. You can read my comment here under my alias Red, I reminded them of the sites rules and privacy policy. After posting a comment, I wrote to the admin/moderator to raise my concern. Here is the screenshot of the message.


This is the screenshot of the message I sent to the moderator. Click this for a larger view.

I knew that Edz was taking this matter seriously and to pacify him, I informed him that I already send a complaint letter to the moderator to clear the matter.

The following day, I checked the site and noticed that they already removed Edz private information. I also received a message of apology from the Admin/moderator. 

If you will notice, he has quoted a red line which states that they cannot monitor the forum. This is a clear alibi. Hey Mr. AED, if you will notice the screenshot of the post, it says 2 thanks from Reuben and AED. And look after you removed Edz site info, the 2 thanks turn into 1 thanks and your name is gone? What happen? You also participated in that thread and you just removed your comments, may I know for what reason? To make your excuse real? that you are not participating in that thread? I won’t buy your alibi mister because I click your name in your comment that’s why I get to your profile to send you a private message. Masyado ka tuloy obvious. You yourself enjoyed the thread and maybe very happy for the active response and traffics and remember you’re doing that at the expense of Edz reputation. And to you Mr. Shiangtao, be man or woman enough to reveal your own info before posting other people’s info and don’t be so lame pathetic. Try to post some decent topic out from your own brains and stop quoting from other people’s comments. It makes you a stupid, talkative nonsense poster who wants to be famous by degrading others. Wag kang intrimitido!


This is the message of apology from the moderator. Click this for larger view

At yung isa pa under an alias of weibkreuz who is claiming that he’s from tarlac said “guys tga tarlac din ako at ung school ni edizon tongol n yan dun ako graduate, patay sakin yang edizon tongol n yan pag nkita, bubugbugin k yan, he3 pag nduty sa hospital nmin yan teterminate k na agad”

haha! talaga lang ha? sure ka kaya mong gawin yan? Sige uwi ka dito sa Tarlac sabihin mo address mo at pupuntahan ka namin ni Edz. Subukan nga namin kong kaya mo nga syang bugbugin. Pare yung yabang ginagawa yan di sinasabi. Dahan dahan lang tau sa pagsasalita kc di naman natin kilala yung mga taong pinagsasabihan natin eh.

This is really a gross stupidity on the rise 🙂 nakakahiya.

(sigh…deep breathing…my nebulizer please…)


  1. Ading, remember I’ve been into many legal battle and I’m very keen on documents kahit yung pinakamaliit na butas kc pwde matanggal yung mga union member pag na overlooked mo yung maliit na bagay. Yung mga moderator ekek na yan ay sama lang sa agos. wala ngang name sa profile e, panu mo cla paniniwalaan. A real moderator is not afraid to show your real identity at kayang panindigan ang mga sinasabi.


  2. attaboy sis.. take a deep breath muna, di mo na kailangan ng nebulizer. i’ve been to the forum site, talagang dinidilete na nila ung damaging comments ni edz. you really put them in the right place, and did right in defending our friend. there are people who are brave only by hiding under the cloak of anonymity. i have friends na inaaway pa doon sa site nila, pero anonymous nga. you’re great, sis.
    by the way sis, na read ko na ung private message mo. i really want to help any way i can, whatever send ko lng through the same channel. it’s a difficult situation, talagang terror ang ginamit nila at kung madadala ka, you can do worst just to defend your right na niyurakan nila, bahala na.


  3. I just reminded them that freedom of expression has limitations. Ranting and ravings are fine but gathering and posting private info is another story. Let’s not go beyond our rights. pare pareho lang tayo nag iinternet di ba and we are all bounds to site rules and privacy. pwede naman pag usapan yung isyu pero yung i post mo pa yung name with matching character assasination and bugbog threat, iba na yun sobrang nakakalalaki na kahit babae ako e papatulan ko yun hehe 🙂

    sige bro, salamat sa suporta, basta worst comes to worst wag nyo akong kalilimutan, isang madramang post lang oks na sa akin joke!


  4. OMg they deleted my TOPIC discussion that i open..hmm..hahaha…thanks ate juliet npansin mo p un THANK YOU..ako ndi ko napansin yun in fairness they locked the discussion of that issue..ahaha napahya siruro yung AED..


  5. The site wont tolerate it ading, it’s very damaging at yung site ang mag sa-suffer. Siguro naman eye opener na yun, next time mas magiging cautious na cla. Kaya minsan yung pananahimik hindi rin maganda, like what our friend warshock mentioned na madami na palang tinitirang friend nya dun sa site, ano yun lungga ng mga warfreaK? dapat magpalit na cla ng pangalan, “tiraden or awayden”. Oks lang sana kng may sense yung isyu eh, yun bang tipong ilalaban mo ng patayan baka makiisa pa ako.


  6. Hamo na kahit ma ban ka dun, who cares? di mo naman lungga yun saka defensive lang yun baka nga naman mag retaliate ka pa. they are cutting the issue para wag ng lumala pa. anyways at least me aksyon naman. Oks pa din yun, it’s a very positive result.


  7. Hi Mano, welcome to my blog 🙂 I have been to your site and left a comment. It’s a goo d site and good info for those who have interest in earning money online. Keep it up. Thank your for dropping


  8. This reminds me of my experience with traffic exchanges like blog mad, entrecard, blog rush, and most of the others. When going into their forums and chatting with the administration – If they do not like your attitude, or you voice complaints, they will ban you and delete your account. I have come to the conclusion that most blog traffic exchanges are worthless, and run by people that cannot take criticism, and instead of voicing and printing your concerns they just delete you.


  9. You’re right EuroYank, that’s why blogging is still the best way to voice out our concerns, not forums. But in fairness with Pinoyden, I’m not banned yet. I checked my account just a n hour ago and it’s still there. Well, it’s the problem when you own a site and you let a particular person runs it. As a site owner, we must always review the site rules and policy and it must be stressed upon that all grievances and complains must be dealt accordingly because if not, the repercussion oftentimes is hard and will bring negative effects in the site.


  10. Well, these are the positive outcome of that incident. Maybe they are reviewing their policies and filling up loop holes. At least me mabuting naibunga yung nangyari sayo ading naging biktima ka nga lang at least di na mauulit yun sa iba 🙂


  11. Yes, it must be the standard but oftentimes mods are being drown and absorbed by the discussions and although they actually participate, the topics simply don’t register on their heads and when you raise your concerns, they would simply hide from the site rules as their lame excuse. BTW hows the contest going? I cast my vote for you 🙂


  12. Ah ok, yep need mo lahat i resolve yun kc $100 lang ang withdrawal limit mo pag dimo napa verify and account mo. pag naubos na ang limit mo dika na makakapagwithdraw. I have a post regarding that, nasa computer category paypal verification process…


  13. you know, problema talaga to ng mga forum. basta may post, kahit “ahh ok cge thank you”, credited yun sa knila. problem starts with the posters, that would lead to a pathetic moderators/admins.

    antok na talga ako, bukas nlang to..hehehe


  14. Hi Sammy, Thank you for including me in your first 5 link 🙂 I really appreciate it. I already added you in my blogroll, just click the link page to view your URL. Good luck to your new blog. May you have many article to post and dollar to earn 🙂


  15. I am a member of that forum site, unluckily..but i started to be inactive for almost a month now ‘coz i don’t like the way the admin handles the members..evry1 seems to brag about what they are capable of..hmmm just an opinion, hehehe..nweiz, like ur site alot! its helpful..


    • Thanks for coming by. I don’t have a problem as long as they don’t violate privacy but when they do, then they must act upon it. I understand that they can’t monitor every topic but Edz case is different, they were there participating in that forum but and I also commend them for the action they did when we raised our concern. But I also told them that I would blog about that incident and they also added new rules. I just hope that no incident like that would happen again. It’s just right to break from something that isn’t healthy anymore, anyway, blogging is still the best forum I knew where participants are not hiding from the cloak of anonymousness while attacking other’s personality.


  16. Hi,

    I found an interesting forum thread in which you can share experiences related to violation of privacy. I think it would be best to inform the public about sites violating our privacy. You can share it at

    it’s actually a pinoy-owned forum.


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