Pinoy Entrepreneurs

Everyday we hear different stories about Economic problems. Oil price hikes, recession, depression, business foreclosure and now the flight of our fellow Pinoy OFWs coming home in batches because they lost their jobs due to economic turmoil.

The magnet of poverty line is getting stronger everyday pulling so many people down. Government is very diligent to sustain and increase the magnitude of the magnet energy reserve to further attract more people and so far, they are successful. And now they are keeping up with the latest trend in entertainment and fashion. They are on their feet practicing the latest step of Latin American dance of Cuban origin, Cha-Cha. Wow, this government just can’t get enough of us. They are like blood sucking creatures that will not stop until the last drop of our blood.

Thanks God, He give us beautiful minds to survive the cold. Despite the economic glitch, Pinoys are surviving within the underground economy wherein the circulating currency is by bulk of coins. The government, despite dancing to the tune of cha-cha is crippled in terms of providing employment and health care for the common “tao”. But my fellow Pinoys are innovative. They are embracing the beauty of Entrepreneurism. Despite the lack of capital, they are still coping up to run their business to support their daily needs. And I believe that these are the real entrepreneurs. The real survivors.

This is the clear picture of Pinoy Entrepreneurs and often times they are dislocated by dispersal because of “illegal operation” which according to the authority, they are hampering the traffic flow. During dispersal, their goods are sequestered by the police and because they have no money for fines, oftentimes, recovery of their products is impossible and of course their products would fall “in good hands”.

Masyadong brutal kahit maliliit walang patawad.


Mobile Refreshment


Mobile Barbeque


Mobile Smoked Fish



Refreshment Stand


Hand Carried Delicacies


Mobile "Tinapa"


Mobile Banana Industry


Banana Stand


Mobile Botique


Mobile Natural Coconut Juice


Mobile Dried Squid with Vinegar


Snacks and junkies


Mobile "Mani" Store


Mobile Corn Store


Pinoy Chicken Barbeque


in short, Lechong Manok


Ice Candy for Sale


Mobile Fast Food Chain


Mobile Fruit Store


Mobile Quick Meals


Mobile Burger Machine


Mobile Token Store


Mobile Rice Cake Store


in short Bibingka

17 comments on “Pinoy Entrepreneurs

    • Yes grace sa mahal ng rent ng pwesto, di na nila kayang i survive yun, pag naka stand ka naman, madali ka lang hulihin at least pag mobile, parating pa lang yung mga nangongotong eh nakalarga ka na πŸ™‚ ganyan talaga ang pinoy madiskarte hehe


  1. napaka creative ng mga pinoy, if we’re talking about small business entrepreneurship kahit na 5-6 ang puhunan, di matakot mgventure.
    dapat may christmas market, at isang kalye i allocate para sa mga vendors, yan ang ginawa dito sa amin minsan.


    • yep, tama ka jan bro. actually poverty drives them to be innovative, kc pag di nila ginawa yun they won’t survive hunger, tingnan mo naman kahit ano na lang ginagawang negosyo basta patok sa mamimili go lang ng go πŸ™‚


    • Hi Sammy,

      Yea, kahit ako nagugulat and I’m very thankful to meet so many blogger friends and loyal readers πŸ™‚ Me rice cake din sa China at Japan and I guess kahit sa Korea but our bibingka is different kc me young coconut na kasama which make it even unique πŸ™‚ Happy New year too. More blessing to all of us in 2009!!


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