Mount Pinatubo Crater Boating

Another exciting activity during this trek is the opportunity to take a Crater Boating experience at only 350php/head. With a boat and a life vest, you can roam around the crater and see the four walls sorrounding Mount Pinatubo, the Zambales, Pampanga, Bamban and Capas walls. Only Capas wall is available and has the safiest entry to Mount Pinatubo crater while the remaining 3 walls are very steep with trees and very dangerous terrain.

The boat is manually operated by local boat operator. Maximum capacity of the boat is up to 7persons. The current is still and the wind is very refreshing.

You will slowly roam the crater for more than 30 minutes, enjoying the majestic mountains walls. Be careful with your cameras 😉 and never let it drop into the water.

Looking from afar, it’s like going to an island 🙂

The Zambales Mountain wall

Wisnu did enjoyed the boating experience

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