We don’t issue a full refund. 

You must understand that trip arrangement usually incur costs such as bank transaction fees, mobilization expenses & communication expenses.

  • If you cancel your trip at least 2 days before the final trek date, we will deduct 15% of your deposit for the bank transaction & mobilization expenses.
  • If you cancel your trip 1 day prior to your final trek date, you will be charged with the expenses incurred in processing your clearance, purchasing your food & other preparation expenses. This is 25% of your deposit.
  • If you cancel your trip on the actual trek date, you will only get 30% of your payment because we already have to pay the penalty of the personnel who actually perform their duties for the trip such as the cook, who already reported at the office 1 day ahead of time to prepare your meal, the marketing team who purchased & prepare your food options, the guide and the driver who reported at 5am and the jeep operator who lost their 1 day trip because we asked for advance reservation and all expenses incurred in the preparation of your trip.
We issue refund thru our local bank if you’re a Filipino. If you’re a Filipino but pay us via PayPal, we will refund via local bank or PayPal less the specific charges mentioned above.
You have to send a local account number then we will refund your initial deposit 1 day after receipt of your bank account number.


Pinaykeypoint Team is very particular when it comes to weather. We have a weather forecast widget at the bottom of this website. We usually keep track of incoming typhoons and if there is a threat of weather disturbance, we usually cancel the trip and inform our clients at least 2 days before the storm hits our area.

We issue a refund for this situation less 200php to cover some cost that will be incurred by this transaction.

You may send your email to for your further concern.
Thank you.
2007 – 2012

For inquiries, send your email to
or text/call
Globe:   (+63)917.477.9156
Smart:  (+63)930.508.8494
Sun:      (+63)923.626.9088
(045) 806 4544 – Residence
Yahoo ID: pinaykeypoint 

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