I love my country as much as I love my family but this must be a word in action. As a mom, it is my duty to sustain the light of our home. Mothers of every family must consider that we are not just growing kids but we are growing human beings that might be the future leaders of the next generation. For this reason, we should give them the most radiant light that we can offer to enlighten their way.
I believe that the strength of any nation begins at home. We cannot achieve a genuine peace and prosperity if our homes are broken and dying. Leadership and obedience starts at home. The parents are the leaders of the smallest institution which is the family. We are the source of strength of our children. They look up to us for support and protection. As parents, we are committed to ensure that we provide the best for our children. If we fail our home, we fail our country too.From birth to our children’s first cry, first smile, first laughter, first words and first steps, we are there to share these first achievements. If we fail to see and appreciate these first achievements, it will scar their minds and might bring negative effects. Remember that we are helping them to build their confidence and it usually starts at this early age. We have no right to expect and demand for more achievement if we fail to nurture them while they are babies and helpless. I can compare it with what we do with plants. We need to prepare good soil with enough fertilizer to grow seedlings. We need to ensure that it receives the light and water that it needs. We also protect it from threats so we provide nets and pesticides. We help it survive rains and typhoons by creating protective shields. By doing so, we could expect a strong plant and a good harvest. If we religiously follow the same concept, this would make us good farmers of men.

If every leaders of every home are good farmers, a bountiful harvest will be expected. We won’t need so many leaders and we won’t need too many rules. The society and the nation as a whole is a reflection of the families within its boundaries. We don’t need so many scientific programs and statistics to gauge it. In my view, as ordinary Filipina mom, our society of today is a reflection of a lost and dying home. This is because we almost disregard the very foundation of this society, the family. At a quick glance, we will be able to see the rampant dislocated families both in the cities and in the provinces. Over population, poverty and starvation are often blamed at the doorsteps of families with many kids. They call it irresponsible parenthood and they introduce artificial “solutions” in different forms of drugs both for internal and external use.

I cannot grasp the significance of these “solutions” of repairing and strengthening the foundation of a collapsing home. For me, an increasing number is never a weakness but an advantage. This must be the strength of every nation and thus, must be protected upon, not destroyed. We just need to maximize and utilize this “increasing number”. In reality, to repair the house, we must usually check its very foundation, the pillar that is supporting the house. The roof, windows and other parts are just minor repairs. The pillar represents the father of every family. Most of them are staying home, JOBLESS. Not because they are lazy. Not because they are not qualified. How many qualified graduates we have that are unemployed? This is the culprit. Unemployment.

Our nation had failed to create employment for its people which causes poverty and starvation. Even if we reduce the number of children, it won’t eradicate poverty and starvation. It won’t change the fact that the father cannot feed 10 kids and even if we use these artificial “solutions” they will not be able to feed 2 kids or even themselves.

Look around you, you will see a lot of developments, urban developments, buildings, communication, transport and technology. We perceive that progress is represented by these developments. We are so amazed of robotics and automation and call it success and progress. Yes, for the employers, it is a great advantage. They can maximize production, reduce manpower and increase their profits. Look at the buildings, its not the way it used to be. The people within the production areas had decreased in numbers because of these “developments”. This alienates the people who created them. It replaced them and took their jobs. Now tell me, does these “developments” really serve its purpose?

I can say that these developments just serve the owner of these businesses but not the country as a whole. A nation’s progress must be measured by the number of employment that it can create to its citizenry. That every pillar of every house can provide a strong foundation and sustainable income. To ensure that every family is promised a job security will totally eradicate poverty and starvation. But look at the norms of our society, there is no job security. Job seekers have very slim chance of landing a job.

An idle mind is a devils advocate. This is very true. Now, we wonder about the increasing rate of crimes? prostitution, resistance movements? and so on… and yes, over population… These are just the end result.

For me, looking for somebody to blame is already a tiring activity. I can no longer depend my children’s future to these nation’s leaders. I am now calling to the parents and every family of this nation. Let’s overtake the leadership and run our homes. Lead your children and don’t let other institution take care of their growth. Schools are necessary but it must not stop us parents from teaching our children the reality of life. The ways of surviving and responsible parenthood. Let’s teach them to be a God-fearing person, to respect and protect life because it is a gift and must be nurtured. Let’s show them all the greatness that our mother nature offers but we fail to see instead we embrace these lifeless inventions which will eventually harm humanities. Let’s bring back our beautiful culture and values, the respect for our elderly, the love for our children, the concern to our neighbors and the cooperation with our communities. Let’s show them the beauty of honesty and the significance of loyalty. Let them hold the infinite fulfillment of the fruit of perseverance and lastly, let’s enforce discipline and obedience that our children will not end up in a cold cage fit for harmful animals. This is our lost home. The lost paradise.

If you are no longer contented with our economy and governance, then stop complaining but look for possible measures to improve your life using your own skills. Yes, you can still change your flight. Even prisoners and criminals turned into a changed man inside prison cells then why can’t you when you’re a free man? Look for other promising opportunity. If the city can no longer accommodate you then don’t allow yourself to be stuck in that miserable situation. If you had the chance, go back to your barrios and provinces. If you have land, don’t abandon it, till it instead and reap what you sow.  That is where our roots begins. We just left the country life looking for much “greener pasture” but most of us seekers, failed. There is no “greener pasture” instead, we found a dried and barren land. I don’t believe that the key to progress is always moving forward. We can go back. Yes, we can stop and go back. If you took the wrong turn and the wrong path, you can still change your direction and go back. Remember the old saying that no matter how far you are, there still no place like home. will organize individuals and families for this purpose. Come, join us and be farmers of men. There is still hope in the barrios and provinces. A brighter future awaits us there. God provide us lands and bountiful natural resources so we won’t die of hunger. Let’s harness it. I am calling to all families and professionals who are sharing the same sentiments and hope. Let’s join hands and build a strong pillar for our homes. Let be the light of every home overpower the darkness that we may be able to walk without fear of stumbling. Let’s forget politics and run your organization. Be a home leader and lead your children to achieve the change that you want to see. Now is your chance to lead and prove your worth. Stop talking. Walk your talk and put it in action.

This is a call to push for a republic with strong families.



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