Hi, this is my blogroll. If you want to be added here, add me in your blogroll and inform me by posting your comment here. I’ll visit your site to check then I’ll add your bloglink here. Keep in touch!


Anak ni Kulapo

Blue Aficionado

Continental Fairy

Edzhstar Blog

Erato’s Blog

Filipina Mom in Denmark

Filipinos Unite Blog

Hangover Fighter

Heat School of Welding Technology

Himalman’s Blog

Hornetlover: My Life

Liza Tam Blog Site


Wild Fire born of Frustration

Wolfwood16 Blog

Zuleikarhizz Blog


I don’t allow one way link. If you notice that you’re not included here, it is because I’m not in your blogroll when I visited your site. Furthemore, I was inactive for quite some time due to numerous trip activities in my website but I am back into circulation now, updating my site and checking my blogroll. I visited each link in my previous blogroll to check if I am still included in your list and I decided to delete those that is no longer linked to

If you want to be included in my blogroll again, you must leave a message below. I am updating my blogroll during weekends.

Thank you.

50 comments on “BLOGROLL

  1. Hi Dan, as requested you’re in my blogroll now, and thank you for adding mine too 🙂

    Hello Jen>>> Thanks for the visit, no prob, I’ll include you in my list, and don’t forget to include mine okay 🙂 … and syempre you have to include me na din in your bloghopping list as well 🙂


  2. Muztah na.. i’ve added you to my FRIENDS/LINKS as PinayKeyPoint..
    You can add me as plain WARSHOCK.
    by the way.. i’ve faved you at technocrati as well.. para ma-kumpleto..he he..thanks and let’s keep in touch.


  3. To Warshock>>> you’re already in my blogroll 🙂 thanks for adding mine. I faved you back in technorati. If you want me to put your mybloglog profile here, just join my community 🙂 thanks and keep in touch.


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  5. Hi Amira,

    You’re always welcome to be a part of my blogroll, just follow the steps above. After you added me in your blogroll, leave a comment here so I can check your site. After that, you’ll be added in my blogroll.

    thanks for dropping by!


  6. Hi! cool blog you have here. i was particlularly interested in your post on sites to make money from. thanks for that. you’re on my roll. hope you’re game with a link exchange. visit sometime, ya? cheers!


  7. Hi there, thanks for the visit, sorry for the late reply coz I was not online for the past weeks. No prob with link-ex just add me in your blogroll and leave your comment here. I’ll visit your site and check then I’ll add you in my blogroll 🙂


    • You’re welcome Jhun, thanks for adding me in your blogroll too. Pasyal daw si Hub sa school nyo para transact yung ID at cert. 200php yung ID at 100 kung ipapa frame yung cert. pag 100 students free blog site pero meron kana blog kaya help na lang kita sa images. pakunan ko ng pics ang school mo pati mga facilities para mai post mo sa blog kac masydo bare pa yung blog mo. you need to post photos lalo na dun sa mga actual training para mas maganda at engaging sa readers.


    • Hi, thanks for the add at BC and for visiting my site. I added you back and yes, I already included you in my link page, thank you for linking mine. Maybe I’ll create new travel post in my future articles. The birth of Mount Pinatubo blog is due to a lot of inquiries in my inbox request in for detailed post of trek activity and pricing 😉


  8. Halo! Hanep ang blog! Sobrang dami ng comments hindi ko na makita kung saan ako maglalagay ng comments ko. How ya doin’ mafriend?….. mukang busy ka pa rin ha…. keep it up!
    By the way, salamat sa treat mo ha…. di kita napasalamatan before ako umuwi ;)) sama ng ugali ‘no?!?! Kita kits pagbalig ko jan!
    Great BLOG! 2 thumbs up for you mafriend!
    God bless you and your family.
    Add mo naman tong link ko sa blogroll mo ( ty…… muahhhh



    • Grabe Riz, ikaw pala yan, ngaun ko lang napansin at ngayun ko lang ni-reply nyahaha, after 3 years 🙂 haaayyy, sayang ung community ko, napabayaan ko, anyway, worth din naman yung kapalit 😉 pero maghahabol uli ako nyan. sobrang miss ko na ang blogosphere, over FB na ako, mas gusto ko pa din dito. nagpapansin na nga ako uli a mga old blogger friends ko na im back na hehe 😉


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