Men and Women: The Strong & the Weak

Whenever I hop from one forum to another, I often see discussions regarding differences of men and women, battle of the sexes, why men can’t understand women? etc…

Hmmm… because I’m an activist, I always have a different perception of these concepts. I learned that men and women are partners and co-creators of this world. The women being weak have changed when the world recognized the important role of women in achieving workers’ right to just wages, humane environment, right to vote and many important benefits that we have today especially if we are unionized. In honor of this important impact of women to global arena of Peace and War, we are celebrating March 8 as International Women’s’ Day.

For further info of March 8:

But to add fun to stereotype thinking of men and women of the modern world let me share this poem to you:


If you’re well dressed, she thinks you’re playboy

If you’re not, she thinks you’re rugged

If you kiss her, you’re not a gentleman

If you don’t, you’re not a man

If you praise her, she would say that you’re lying

If you don’t, you’re as good as nothing

If you visit her very often, she claims it’s boring

If you don’t, you are cold and dry

If you make love to her, she’ll accuse that you’re an experienced guy

If you don’t, you’re an innocent man

If you failed to assist her in crossing the streets, you lacked ethics

If you do, she would say it’s just one of man’s tactics

If you give her gifts, you’re spoiling her

If you don’t, you don’t love her

If you say you truly love her, she won’t believe you

If you don’t she’ll break up with you!


Oh Women!!

You are so simple

Yet so complex to understand

So weak

Yet proven conqueror

So confusing…

But desirable

See, that’s how men perceives us women, feeble minded…

The only way that men can truly understand us, women is to embrace our world wholeheartedly. This would only happen with real patience and love. When we made that solemn bow “till death do us part” we have to comprehend the meaning of the word forever; no amount of differences must separate us. It’s a package deal; we have to accept all strength and weaknesses.

But beyond the bounds of love, relationship and marriage, men and women will remain different, competitors and friends. It’s the law of balancing the weak and the strong. But as the famous saying goes: “Behind every man’s success is a woman”

Let’s just put it this way: These differences colors our world🙂