Today is a gift which I already celebrated for more than 40 years with my family, friends, team mates & comrades. This gift is truly a blessing knowing that I am sorrounded with these people who are walking with me in this journey called life. You guys are indeed my real wealth and I am counting the ways how blessed I am to have this chance to say THANK YOU for being there all these years.

THANK YOU MOTHER for giving birth to me and for giving me the light of your wisdom which steadily shines in our home even in your twilight years. A light that  inspired me to shine as well and gave that same light for my home & family.

THANK YOU FATHER for instituting a strong pillar of faith in my heart and established the courage & strength in me which keeps me going to conquer my fears & battles.

THANK YOU BROTHER for being one of my mentor in discovering the outside world while giving me an assurance that you will be my defender.

 THANK YOU SISTER for the gift of friendship. I learned how to trust & appreciate the beauty and love of other  people.

THANK YOU TEACHER for instilling a gift of patience in my heart and mind and for letting me know that everything will be possible if I will try & strive hard.

TO MY OTHER HALF, THANK YOU for giving me the gift of love that maintains a harmony in our home and for giving me that strong shoulder to lean on whenever my strength fails me. I love you.

TO MY KIDS, THANK YOU for helping me to discover the real essence of motherhood. You are my inspiration & the fulfillment of my being.

TO MY FRIENDS, THANK YOU for giving me the chance to discover the gift of trust. You colored my world with your beautiful minds.

TO MY COMRADES, THANK YOU for showing me my social responsibility. That I have to prove my worth in this society.

TO MY TEAM, THANK YOU for sharing the gift of aspiration to achieve a common goal.

TO MY ENEMIES, THANK YOU for implanting an anger & hatred in my heart. You taught me to be strong & cautious at all times.

AND TO YOU MY GREAT CREATOR, THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to explore your creations. You are the source of my strength & wisdom. When everyone fails me, I know you won’t. Thank you for the gift of life that you gave me everyday. This gives me the chance to continue my journey and achieve the fulfillment of my conquests.

And to EARLY BIRDS, who greeted me earlier 😉 You know who you are. Thank you for showering me your love. I don’t have a message box in my wall not because I don’t want you to greet me in public. Of course I do that’s why I created this post for you. This is my way of saying THANK YOU for taking part in my journey 😉 I love you guys!


JULY 6, 2011 4:48AM

Eto c Bespren Liza, ang relasyon namin parang alak, habang tumatagal tumatapang? anu un? tagay!!

Kainan mode at ang panahon, wlang pakisama, umuulan:(

ayan!! lakas ng loob, kaya nilagnat eh, umaambon na kaya yan hehe

Eto naman ay mas matindi sa alak, haha! ano daw? PATIS? grabe naman kau, ang alat nun! nyahahaha!

Ayan nman c Saby! kaya pala umuulan eh! peace anak!!! pagbigyan mo na c madir 🙂

Oh, ayan, masama talaga pag inawat, pagdidiskitahan ang food XD

Ang butihing maybahay ng aking 4×4 Team Leader na si Ronald Domingo 😉

Ang Team, Ronald at Sherwin, antok ka na wing? maaga pa ah!

ayan, nagpapasasa sa kodak kahit umuulan

at syempre nagpapakabusog na din

mas masarap kumain pag umaambon hehe

Pero syempre mas masarap daw tumagay, di ba mga kafatid? tagay pha!!

Hala! cge!! palakasin nyo pa ang ulan! XD

wag nyo ng tigilan!! wla na taung trek nyan!! nakupo!

hayyy, kaya ang tgal ng low pressure eh!! tsk tsk!!

oh!! ano to?? anong naman ang drama nyo? ahahaha!! pwd ba gnyan ang ayos nyo pag me trek? nyhaha!!!

at syempre eto ang highlights!! ano? bakit to naging highlights? eh kc kinukulayan ni robin ung hair ni kulot, nilalagyan ng highlights, nyahaha!! di na kaya ng powers ko to!! Thank you guys sa pakikisaya sa aking kaarawan 😉 bago mag uwian, yung regalo ko? hehehe. Loveyou all!!!


    • Robin Sr Corpuz happy birthday my dear sweetheart i love you more than thousand fold.

      July 6 at 7:17am · Unlike ·  5 people
    • Glenda Galope Happy birthday mare ko,.. wishinhg u more xtra time so we can meet soon,.. aside 4 my personal wish, wish u gudhealth and safety always,.. love u so so much.. miss u very very much,..

      July 6 at 7:18am · Unlike ·  2 people
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Robin, thank you for a thousand fold 🙂

      July 6 at 7:37am · Like ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Glenda Galope thank you for the good wishes, love u too & miss u more than u do 😉

      July 6 at 7:40am · Like ·  1 person
    • Jessica Bustinera Corpuz Mommy! Happy Birthday 🙂 for me you are the best mom in the world. and nothing could change that :)) love you so much!!! 😀

      July 6 at 8:20am · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Marilyn De Guzman Corpuz tita happy birthday….thank you for such being a good friend,,a great mentor and a loving mother to me….love you so much tita.^_^

      July 6 at 8:40am · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Tess Ferrer Happy Birthday Pretty mom…May GOD continue to bless your family…. :))

      July 6 at 8:41am · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Jessica Bustinera Corpuz, thank you baby! Love you too, galingan mo sa prelims mo ha 😉

      July 6 at 8:56am · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Marilyn De Guzman Corpuz, Love u too Bas! Thank you too for giving me the opportunity to be your friend, mentor and mom 😉 I just love having many kids around. mwahh!!!

      July 6 at 8:58am · Like ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Tess Ferrer, thank you for the good wishes! I’m flattered xD

      July 6 at 8:59am · Like ·  1 person
    • Jane Castaneda Happy Birthday Tita, thank you for all the good things you’ve done for me…May our God continue to bless you and your family..Love you po..^_^

      July 6 at 9:01am · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Jane Castaneda, Salamat! Love u too and don’t mention it! Families are bound to go through thick & thin ^_^

      July 6 at 9:04am · Like
    • Emily Corpuz tita happy birthday..

      July 6 at 9:50am · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Eric Don Manansala happy birthday boss…… thanks for teaching me everything that i want to know… thanks for being my lighthouse,mentor……. wish you good health and more blessing to come……

      July 6 at 10:18am · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Eliza M. Tam wala akong masabi galing sa paghahanay ng mga salita hehe…love you so much na di na mafold…

      July 6 at 11:44am · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Emily Corpuz salamat!

      July 6 at 12:17pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Eric Don Manansala, thank you for the good wishes. I’m honored to be your mentor and believe me, you’re a fast learner 😉

      July 6 at 12:24pm · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Eliza M. Tam, over the years and the years to come, you’ll always be a friend that I can depend upon… Love you too Baliz, di na kayang ifold ang lahat ng pinagdaanan natin sa loob ng mahaba haba na ring panahon.

      July 6 at 12:28pm · Like
    • Eliza M. Tam me tama ka jan fren…love you

      July 6 at 12:56pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Odette Mallari happy birthday!! galeng galeng namen.. wala lang.. parang speech lang ng cum laude sa UP.. nice =)

      July 6 at 1:14pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Odette Mallari, salamat! nakakataba nman ng puso yang comment mo haha! wala lang, when you are inspired, you can create a masterpiece 😉

      July 6 at 1:29pm · Like
    • Odette Mallari ehehe.. I really think so, sino ba namang di ma iinspired when u have someone telling you” I love you more than a thousand fold!” (kilig) ma keso din pala si kuya Robin.. ka inggit!

      July 6 at 1:36pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint honga, me mga pagkakataong makeso din yang si long hair kaya dinadaga eh! ehehehe ewan ko ba, is that a sign of aging? haha!!

      July 6 at 3:36pm · Like
    • Steve Haskell happy birthday Juliet! Hope you’re having a great day 🙂

      July 6 at 4:18pm · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint Hi Steve Haskell thank you for dropping by, care to have a cup of coffee? and yes, having special people around me, am really having a blast 😉

      July 6 at 4:54pm · Like
    • Robin Corpuz Jr Happy birthday mommy, ginawan kita ng card 🙂

      July 6 at 4:57pm · Unlike ·  2 people
    • Rajisha Bustinera Corpuz happy birthday momsy! may your birthday be blessed, good health and I love You!

      July 6 at 5:24pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Jay R Callos ma’am juliet happy birthday po ingat po kau plage moOre bday’s to cOme poh —Jay r callos, Love jOY rOMbaoa, Mary joy Gabertan—

      July 6 at 5:34pm · Unlike ·  2 people
    • Sabrina Corpuz happy yippeee b-day madir :)) may all the good blessings comes to you

      July 6 at 5:36pm · Unlike ·  2 people
    • Dhey Faustino happy birthday yeth…love you…

      July 6 at 7:18pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Joel Esquejo Happy BEERday mam! nhuli ako, kddrting ko lng kc from airport.. ENJOY mam.. ^^

      July 6 at 10:22pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Joel Esquejo

      ‎…………(0 0)
      .—oOO– (_)—–.
      See More
      July 6 at 10:30pm · Unlike ·  1 person
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Robin Corpuz Jr, yes baby, nakita ko yung cardna ginawa mo ang ganda nga eh, thank you! love you! mwah!!

      July 7 at 6:55am · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Rajisha Bustinera Corpuz, thank you nak! you’re one of my blessing, love u!

      July 7 at 6:57am · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Jay R Callos, Salamat! bat di kau pumunta?

      July 7 at 6:58am · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Sabrina Corpuz, salamat nak! love u!

      July 7 at 6:59am · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Dhey Faustino Thank you Dayang, love you to! hugz!

      July 7 at 7:00am · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint ‎@ Joel Esquejo, Salamat Jo! kaya pala di ka sumilip, hinantay ko kau saka si Joseph

      July 7 at 7:01am · Like
    • Greyz PanlicaN-bautista belated HappY Birthday Mam Juliet 🙂

      Wednesday at 9:00pm · Like
    • Pinay Keypoint Thanks Miss Greyz, bakit di na kita nakikita sa feeds ko? halos ung mga old friends ko di ko na nakikita puro new friends lang kaya tuloy ung iba di ko rin na ggreet

      4 hours ago · Like

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