Philippines: Export oriented-Import dependent Economy

All of us are hoping for a better year in fact anything that is introduced as lucky charms to attract good vibes and prosperous living is deliberately being adhered to for the hope that it will bring us positive result. Unfortunately, there are inevitable events which are not controlled by these lucky charms. These are events which are not perceived even by the toughest fortuneteller. One peep on the year ender reports from different Medias will attest to this fact because if not, thousand of people who were killed from so many calamities and wars might have been spared. Even the toughest and mighty countries were not spared from this. Their technology and forecasters never perceived that this economic turmoil would end up to economic downfall like a plague.

The Philippines alone has reduced its population by death tolls from sea vessel’s accidents, plane crash, storms, floods, massacres, death in Mindanao due to war, political killings and natural deaths. I guess we need another Merlin or the wizard of OZ for best predictions. Well, these are just the repercussions of men’s greed and neglect of environmental issues. You reap what you sow according to old saying and yes, it’s true.

The other day, as I walk home, I meet an old friend, my co-worker at the company where I used to work. According to her, IWSPC, a subsidiary of SWS Japan, has announced their recent work schedule. They are now working 6 hours/day and 3 days/week. I was stunned by that news. How will an employee survive with that scheme? She told me that her recent earning is only 800php or a measly $17 and she has to budget it for 15 days. How can she make both ends meet with that income? I guess she needs to enroll herself to Harry Potter’s school and aim for the wand. I can’t sympathize further for I, myself is suffering with the same grief. If we lost the court battle with demolition issue, we will be losing the roof on our head at the end of this month.

Despite GMA’s denial that Philippines is not affected by recession, the gleaming truth is slapped right in the face of many workers who are being hit by different inhumane labor schemes just to cope up with the economic turmoil. We all know that most industries and factories in the Philippines are run by Multi-National Corporation from Japan & the US and these countries are in the midst of recession. The final way out is thru retrenchment or at the maximum is to close the company and return to their homeland leaving the Filipino workers jobless with no separation pays.

This only proves that we can never achieve a genuine progress unless we change our economic system. An economy which remains to be an export oriented and import dependent will always ends up at the dumping area. We are more than 80 millions Filipinos, producing our own local products and selling it at the local market is the only way to move out from this dreadful situation. More than 70% of the products we used are being produced by other countries. Look, from the tip of your toe to the tip of your hair, you are using imported products. “Imported per se” is not just products available at Clark or PX stores, these are products produced by non-Filipino owned companies. Though their companies were erected at Philippine land, their sales and profits will be returned to their own countries. The only reason why they are here is not because they want to help us but because they want to take advantage of our cheap and docile labor.

Japanese will only buy cars made by Japanese corporations, but the local artists in the Philippines seldom uses beauty products made from the Philippines. Remember, each time we buy imported products, spend our vacation abroad, purchase property outside the Philippines, our money go out leaving our peso floats and drowned by inflation.


Money Cycle

Thanks to the living heroes who untiringly take back the money we spent outside the Philippine territory, despite the loneliness, dangers and abuses, they remain meek because of the call of earnings for the sake of their families. Do you have an idea who are those people? They are the OFW workers who are unceasingly working to earn not only for their family but for the country’s economy as well.

And Kudos to online workers like us who are also earning dollar from home. You are helping our country to get the money back and return it to circulate here. And to those who are hoarding the money and investing it outside the Philippine territory, you are one of the reasons why the Philippines remain poor.

Gumising na sana tayo….


~Juliet Corpuz~

25 comments on “Philippines: Export oriented-Import dependent Economy

  1. galing pa ako sa tuktok ng pinatubo, sis, from your pinatubotrek site, i mean.
    that’s one of the worst scenarios of our export oriented economy. exporting more and more human labor, while our local export manufacturers are suffering a downturn. i was once a woodcraft fashion accessory manufacturer once but had to close shop, small scale lng, sis…lol.


    • Wow bro, dati ka palang businessman, sayang naman, dont you pursue your biz and sell it online?

      Sa totoo lang bro ang bumubuhay lang naman talaga sa ekonomya natin ay ang backyard industry at OFW workers plus ang nakakakubang direct tax sa workers and 12% vat kc yang malalaking company ay numero uno pang mga tax evaders, yung mga export processing zone naman me tax holiday pa yan by the time na mag lapse ang tax holiday, its either na magsasara, lilipat sa ibang lugar or magpapalit na name… hay naku kawawa talaga si Juan dela cruz tsk tsk tsk πŸ˜‰


  2. I totally agree with your point. It’s just so sad that in spite of the obvious reality that our countrymen are suffering from the effects of economic downturn, still, the political leaders esp. PGMA insists otherwise.

    I do hope that this year would be a better one for all of us.. let’s not lose hope.. btw, thanks for dropping by my blog..


    • Hi Joy,

      welcome to my blog and thank your for your comment. PGMA, in act of desperation will tell us a lot of stories to divert our attention, that is if you will be hooked by her lies πŸ˜‰ I’m glad you’re not one of those who were blinded by her sweet talks.

      Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the betterment of everyone πŸ™‚


  3. what can I say everyone is holding on to their cash these days as the times are a bit unstable. everyone is trying to be wise on their spending so we can’t really blame them

    thanks for stopping by my page btw.


    • Hi thanks for dropping by.

      This post is just a reaction to PGMAs statement that our economy is not affected by recession while the facts states otherwise. This post is not about blaming people about holding on to their cash because the reality is that majority of Filipino people are in dire poverty and no cash to hold onto. I am not addressing it to the people but the unstable political and economic system.

      Recession is a usual trend of an economic system, when it reach the top, there’s no way but to go down. It happens every 10 years or more. Production will stop due to market saturation and it is common especially to first world where highly industrialized countries producing and manufacturing electronic products, cars and gadgets which are not a basic necessity will temporarily stop production due to slowdown of product orders because of saturated market. The effect to a third world country like us is doubled because our type of industries are dependent to their needs. Example of this is that most of the factories in industrial processing zones are assembly type, we’re just creating the part of the product and it will be shipped back to mother companies abroad. Slowing down of product orders oftentimes leads to company cutdown to closure.


  4. recession talaga kahit saan sis. kahit dito. it’s a natural cycle ng ganitong system, paminsan minsan bababa, di naman kasi pedeng laging tataas.

    ang kawawa nga lang yung mga bansang katulad ng Pinas, na masyadong economically-dependent sa ibang bansa. kaya kapag recession, mas doble ang tama.


    • Yep, I know bro ilang ulit na ba tong topic sa labor education.

      This post is not about a question bout recession, we know that it’s a usual economic trend which happens every 10 years or more due to market saturation.

      This post is just a reaction to PGMAs recent statement that Philippine’s economy is “not” affected by recession…


  5. Hi Juliet,
    What an honest and encompassing dissertation on the true picture of the Philippine economy and situations here in our country. We must be united as one people and we must love our country with a passion that can rival those profess by other people. We must patronize our own and we must be proud of our culture, tradition even our products. And most of all, we must stop hating and degrading ourselves. How can we expect other people to respect us if we can not even respect our own selves? Most of all, love of God and country must be nurtured in each and every Filipino so that our country can move forward and really progress. Thanks for this eye opening post. God bless you and your family always. BTW, I will pray that you win the court case involving your property. God is good all the time. Nothing is impossible to him who believes in prayers.


    • Hi Mel, thank you for a very enlightening comment. I am giving you a 5 star for this πŸ˜‰

      Giving a glimpse to a real situation in the Philippines is the prime objective of this blog. I don’t just tackle the bad side of politics and economic glitch but showcasing as well the greatness of our culture and richness of nature provided by God for the Filipino people. If only the Philippine government will sincerely harness these richness of nature for the betterment of our nation and for every Filipino, then maybe we can regain our old status in Asia, where the Philippines has been one of the rich country in Asia. But the call to Cha-cha stated otherwise. Instead of protecting our sovereignty and national patrimony, they want to sell our lands to foreign consumption, increasing landless Filipinos.

      Direct tax from the workers, 12% VAT and other anomalous project may not suffice to fatten their pockets so they want to ask for more…

      Our demolition case is no different and part of this dirty work, they want to sell this land to wealthy investors rather than sell it to us. How can you look at your men, once a soldier who fought side by side to serve the country, used their retirement to construct their homes and now you’ll just shoo them away? no relocation, no payment… tsk! what the face!

      I know God is just watching from above… ibabalik nya sau ang ginawa mo sa kapwa mo… Thanks for the prayers Mel…


    • Hi Gagay,

      Thanks for coming by, I now how hard it is for Angel, my 3 daughters has been hospitalized last year because of dengue, thank God they recovered after more than a week of confinement. Thanks for the support and prayers from friends, indeed, Prayers is such a powerful tool for this kind of crisis. We’ll surely include him in our prayers…



  6. it’s really the common john and mary (juan at maria noon, alam mu namang kulturang pinoy, sis..he he)who suffers. but i have faith in the resourcefulness and resilience of the pinoys,..talentado talaga.
    ang gobyerno lng natin ay bubo, puro diskarteng bulok.


  7. Yes Bro, jan tau binuhay at pinalaki, sa kulturang mas mapalad ang mahihirap… ang tawag d2 ay pakunswelo de bobo. Higit na mas mapalad ang mga taong marunong magsuri sa mga nangyayari sa paligid at pipiliing magsalita kesa magbulag-bulagan at magbingi-bingian para lang di mapagdiskitahan…

    Sa mga kumpanya ganun ang tuwirang nangyayari bro, ang tawag namin jan, play-safe. pag sumagot ka nga naman magagalit si boss hehe ;)but I do believe na hindi na din madaling utuin ang pinoy. maraming salamat sa mga taong walang sawang nakikibaka para sa kapakanan ng marami kahit pa nga kung minsan, napapahamak sila. mga limot na bayani na siyang dahilan kung bakit patuloy tayong nananatiling malaya…


  8. I need Export Officer 27-30 years old, single, graduate of any degree course, can read and write any of the following language: Fookien, Chinese, Mandarin,with background in export sales. willing to work in ParaΓ±aque City, Metro Manila Kindly send your resume to


  9. I just read it, but really, the point was very good and is still very applicable in the current situation in the Philippines. I believe, the problem is the culture orientation of the Filipinos. Somehow, we can blamed the government, but most of the Filipino’s must be blamed more. We choose to take our vacation or Honeymoon Wedding abroad, while, we have our own tourist spot in the country? Why is it that the Mindset of the Filipinos are like this? Perhaps, like what Mao did in China, CULTURE REVOLUTION is needed. haha


  10. Hi, Rosendo,

    Thanks for coming by πŸ˜‰ My apology for very late reply, I am now a busy Pinatubo Tour Organizer and doing field work most of the time. This post was posted more than 4 years ago and yes, our political and economic situation never change from the time I wrote this article to this date in fact it worsen to the highest level of corruption that won us a laughable seat to one of the most corrupt nation in the global arena. You said Culture revolution is needed, indeed! but who will provide it? School? Government? I believe that it must start with us. Let’s push change at the door steps of our home. Let’s be part of the solution and examine ourselves by this question: What is my contribution to achieve peace and economic growth in this country? If we have comprehensive and constructive efforts that influenced our family and community, then maybe we can still see the change that we want to achieve πŸ˜‰



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