Welcome to the Christian World Baby Jed

NOVEMBER 14, 2008

First week of November was a busy week for us, after the preparation and celebration of Undas (All Saint’s Day), our niece Cherry delivered her first born, a handsome baby boy at 2:30pm of Friday, November 7, 2008.

Cherry is very dear to us as she’s almost my eldest daughter. I’m very fond of her, I helped her with her assignments, I turned her hate for Algebra into love and explained to her the basics so she can cope up with her mathematics.

I watched her growing from her teens to a full grown woman. I laugh with her, cried with her and I had been a listener to her laughter and sobs. She almost acquired my activist’s point of views and had been a very idealistic person.

Born to a military family, she had taken the same path. At 26, she’s now a chief investigator of CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group), Camp Macabulos, Tarlac City. I am closely following her career and hoping the best of everything for her and her family.

Welcome to the Christian World Baby Jed 🙂


Baby Jed


Baby Jed

The new member of the family

See how cute he is… hmmm, she looks like her mommy che 🙂


The tired mommy Cherry… sleeping beauty 🙂


…and the visitors Ate Evelyn (Che’s mom), Ate Luz & Beth and yours truly in the red shirt 🙂

22 comments on “Welcome to the Christian World Baby Jed

  1. Hi wolfwood, siguro magpupulis din to 🙂 My big brother is a police and chief of Armor & licensing division of Naga City, and his two sons, my nephews are already in the police force. His eldest, Jayrex graduated at PNPA (Phil. National Police Academy) in Cavite just this April so siguro ganun tlaga sumusunod sa yapak ng pamilya 🙂


  2. Hello Grace thank you for sharing the joy with us 🙂 Nakakatuwa talaga pag may baby. I had my time, 4 nga e pero ang bilis lumaki ang hirap ng kandungin haha 🙂 Finish your course and find a good man, pag nagawa mo yun exciting ang motherhood 🙂


  3. Hi Warshock! No, you’re not an intruder 🙂 Feel at home… I consider my blogger friends as my extended family kaya welcome ka dito 🙂 ano gusto mo kape? sandwich… lolz! Salamat sa pagdalaw 🙂


  4. Hi there Gentle Dove, I saw you just a few hours ago and I visit you back and left comment on your blog and here you are 🙂 I really appreciate to have you back again 🙂 keep in touch


  5. nice, aram mo pala mathematics. My love for it stopped when I encountered factoring during my second year in high school.

    anyway, cute ni baby Jed. Ang bagong anghel sa pamilya.



  6. Hi there Spiky, am starvin with your longganisa post 🙂

    Dikit man sana baga so aram ko sa Math kaya lang obligado i-share kay pulis hehehe hilinga ta maski panu CIDG na baga 🙂 patal man ako sa math noy, patsamba tsamba man lang haha! imbitado baga kamo gabos sa bunyag eyu 🙂


  7. hi juliet, familiar sakin si mommy cherry, i think she was one of the consistent honor students back in elementary days at CAES. I guess she was a former classmate of my sister. Is Tolenada her maiden name?


  8. Hi Bhang, nice to see you back, yes Cherry Tolenada, the consistent honor student. What’s your sis name so I can mention your sis coz she’s visiting us every weekend 🙂


  9. really small world, tell her its Irene Evangelista. Cherry’s face hasn’t changed that much huh, I used to fetch my sis after my class back then, that is why i can vividly remember your niece. My sis has already a five-year-old active daughter now and lives in Camiling, Tarlac with her military hubby. Don’t worry i’l mention this to my sis on my next visit in Tarlac. 🙂


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