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I received an inquiry about the other day. I was asked how I managed to get projects at oDesk. It may sound doubtful but I know why. I joined many websites for freelancers but I may say that oDesk is different. I need to pass the oDesk readiness test and complete my profile or make it 100% before I became a verified provider. I also took other qualifying tests like English Proficiency and XP skills. Taking and passing test at oDesk will increase your chance to be hired.

Working with oDesk is secured as employers send payment thru them. You can also apply for oDesk card to receive your payment. In my case, I demand payment thru PayPal and for those who are starting, I recommend that you open a PayPal account and get verified.

It’s not easy to be hired though; you still need to go on a series of biddings to get a project. You really need a good track record & good writing skill to qualify and this blog serves as my portfolio. My chance to get good projects increased since I started blogging. I also meet contacts who refer me to employers scouting for freelancers. And the last but not the least, I found reliable financial institution where I can run for fast cash payday loans during emergencies.

7 comments on “Working & Earning Online

  1. Juliet,

    Thanks so much for sharing your advice with new providers who are just starting their freelance work on oDesk. Landing the first job is usually the most challenging because as a new provider you still don’t have the work history and feedback that buyers so much value.
    I would like to add to your suggestions the following:
    – Make sure that your profile overview is well written. This is the first thing that buyers see (and often times the only thing they read) and it’s most critical to communicate in those few lines what your core competencies are and demonstrate your value.
    – When applying to a job, make sure to write a short and concise cover letter. Don’t use a boiler plate text; read what they job requires and highlight your skills as they pertain to those requirements. This is your first impression and you have to make sure to communicate to the buyer that you are the best person for the job.
    – If you don’t have any history on oDesk, you may want to add as many portfolio projects as you can to demonstrate what you have already done. And when sending an application, attach a few that pertain to that job, and make sure to highlight to your buyer the parallels between their requirements and your portfolio projects.
    – And last, to make yourself more appealing in the first few jobs, consider either temporarily lowering your rates or applying to fixed price jobs. Once you have the good feedback you can increase your rate back to where you are comfortable.

    Thanks again for sharing your advice with the community.

    Orie from oDesk


  2. I joined oDesk but I didn’t take the test yet. If I didn’t pass the test, does it mean I can’t bid for the job?

    I know a person that manage to get projects with oDesk but he never take the test. What if I fail the test? Does it mean I can no longer bid for the job?


  3. I still advise you to take the test, anyway it’s not so difficult. Just read the terms and condition and frequently ask question or better print it. Just familiarize yourself with the dos and donts, payment procedures etc.. and you will be fine.

    I know you can do it. Good luck!! 🙂


  4. Hi Juliet,

    Your blog is featured at and you won a Tshirt congratulations! A link from that page leads me here and I can say that your blog is worth visiting. I love how you feature Mount Pinatubo, It’s very informative. I always want to visit Philippines and have a trek at Mt. Pinatubo and visit some caves as well. Can I request that you feature some of most visited caves in your area? Thank you in advance.


  5. Hi Nath, thanks for coming by and thanks to Odesk too for that link that leads you here.

    Yes, they sent me a shirt and I’m excited coz I never really expect it.

    regarding the caves, I think I have some pictures in my file. Ok, I’ll look for it and post it here. Just give me a peep from time to time 🙂


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