Online Earnings

I have many inquiries here about online earnings. I reviewed my posts and I noticed that I don’t really have detailed information about making money online aside from the post for oDesk. As promised to Chelle and my other readers who were asking me bout this topic.

Here is the common question I got from my readers:

  • Do you really earn from this affiliate and all this writing stuffs?
  • How much range of income do u get from this?
  • Is working online really true?
  • Are they not scams?
  • Can I see your proof of payment? You don’t have one in your blog…
  • Can you recommend some reliable site?
  • I am working at home, I hope you can share some link which can help me earn…

I assure you guys, earning online is real. I am earning decent money which keep me get going, in fact almost 50% of our income comes from my work online and 50% from my home based business. Of course these earnings doesn’t make me rich yet but it sustain our expenses, at least my phone bills, ISP, electric, water, mobile and other household bills and expenses are covered with my earnings. Although we still have to work hard because we have a big family. I have 4 kids, my eldest daughter is a junior high, 2 grade school, 1 niece in college and my youngest son. That makes us 7 members of the family including 2 dogs and 1 guinea pig.

Okay let me give you a detailed info about my earnings:

1. I am a verified oDesk provider

oDesk is a website both for hiring companies and job providers. As a company, you can hire freelancers or even companies who are providing this kind of service. It can be fixed job or hourly work. Payment is escrowed for hourly job, meaning the hiring company has to pay oDesk and after work completion, oDesk will pay the work provider. oDesk has tools to measure hourly work. A special program has to be installed in your PC. On the other hand, fixed job is different. The money is not escrowed and it depends on the hiring company and the work provider’s agreement how they will settle for the payment. It must me through oDesk or Paypal.

How to register:

  • You can click here
  • Fill up the necessary information. Make your profile 100% finished.
  • Create a good resume
  • Link your online Portfolio and other related online experience
  • Take and pass oDesk readiness Test (90% passing). Just review the TOS & FAQ.
  • Take English proficiency exam at oDesk and other website which offer this type of service. I took my English Proficiency exam here.
  • Take other tests at oDesk, this will add to your profile and a plus also
  • Link your blog. Companies are looking for real writers and your blog will be the most effective sample of your work.

After passing the exam, you will be notified that you’re already a verified oDesk provider. You are now ready to bid for jobs. Just click, find job tab and you will be presented with many job opportunities. Select a category at the left side bar. Choose jobs which suits your skills then click apply. The company usually asks you to send your CV and link to your portfolio.

Orie has some detailed suggestion in my comment box. Click here.

After your first project with oDesk, share your experience by posting it in your blog. Don’t forget to link that blog at oDesk by tagging it. You know why, they are looking for those posts and once you are selected, you will receive an oDesk Tshirt. I received mine last September and oDesk featured my blog on their September Newsletter.

2. I became a regular quiz writer of through oDesk.

I am writing quizzes for devbook using Redwarrior as my pen name. That is why I have a fun quiz page. These quizzes are posted at One of my quiz which is a naruto quiz is now an all-time top quiz taken by more than 150 thousand quiz takers. You can see the link here.

Devbook is paying me through oDesk and PayPal.

3. MyLot – I am also earning from this website. This is a social networking site which will pay you by posting and replying to discussions. If you spend long hours online, you can allocate sometime here and you will earn although don’t expect high earnings because it will be based on the quality content of your posts. Minimum pay out is $10 through PayPal. You will earn through referral and posting. Please click here to register under me.


4. Commission Junction – you can get advertisement offers through this site. They will pay you through check.

5. – Just like adgitize, yuwie will also pay you through referrals, viewing and clicking ads

6. Helium – This will pay you everytime you create and post article on their site

7. PayPerPost – This is also a good site for paid blogging.

I also tried joining PTCs but the earnings is so slow and it eats my time so I won’t recommend it. Paid blogging and article writing is still the best way to earn online.

How to start:

  • Create an online profile
  • Create your portfolio. If you are a writer, post your samples. If you are a web designer, post the links to your finished works. If you’re a graphic designer, upload and post your sample designs, layout or Logos and it would be best if you post a link to your past projects.
  • Create a blog where you can show your writing expertise.
  • Post your ads. Remember every click on your ads will earn you a dollar.
  • Post your referral links. Note that every person who click your referral link and sign up under you will be added to your earnings. AW pays $1.25 for every referral. Just imagine, if 100 people signed up under you, that would be $125. But take note, those must be active members.

So guys that’s my tips on how to start working online. Regarding the proof of payment, ok, this is a screenshot of my PayPal and oDesk transactions. Just click the pics to enlarge images.


My PayPal Transactions


My oDesk Transactions


MyLot Earnings

And another thing, you must sign up for a PayPal account, I have post here about that topic. Click here to read.

Remember also that you have to work on your traffic by joining social community sites like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Facebook, Orkut, Friendster and MySpace. Check what will work for you. Add friends and visit and comment on their blogs and you will see that they will do the same. Add widgets and post your banners.

I hope this post will help you on how to start earning online. These earnings doesn’t make me rich yet but with strategies and the will to find other reliable earning opportunities, I know it will paid off. If you can recommend moneymaking sites, please post it. If you have questions, please feel free to post your comments.

Lastly, if you plan to register in these sites, please sign up under me by clicking the links. I will really appreciate it. Thank you very much! Good luck! 🙂

54 comments on “Online Earnings

  1. aha….:) im the first here…well, about the post…hmmmm yeah. i really mean those things 🙂 and kung pamasko yun i think hindi…alam mo kung ano ate? simula ng naging close tayo tru this technology(blogging), tinuring ko nang gift un 🙂 all of u…

    nkakahiya bka sbihin OVER….hehehe..ok lng atleast xpressing rather not…hindi ako robot kekeke

    God bless ate….mwa mwa mwaa


  2. Touch naman ako jan bro nyehehe… para na nga lang tayong 1 big happy family dito… Blogging is quite rewarding talaga, not only the $$ we earn but the people we meet and the friendship that goes along with it which is more valuable than money. Its priceless 🙂


  3. thanks for sharing these fabulous ideas. With price of commodities getting higher and higher, these could be an additional income to those with full time work but still manage themselves to go online.


  4. yes Bhang, When I retired from work, yan na kinarir ko 🙂 kc dati I have 2 maids pa to attend with my kids’ needs kc 4 nga cla kaya yung salary ko napupunta lang sa sweldo ng maids wala rin, at least now, I can take care of my kids while I’m working. Gumagawa rin kami ng mga company and student IDs. Pag me alam kang gusto magpagawa refer mo naman ako. me mga client ako kahit sa Samar.

    if you plan to register sa mga sites na to, please sign up under me ha 🙂 tnx!


  5. fantastic post, thanks for the screen shots as well..

    i also use mybloglog and facebook and it gaves me pretty good unique visitors each day… thanks for sharing


  6. Hi Linn, Thanks for coming by. Try BlogCatalog too, it is a great social networking site, I meet a lot of friends there and we mutually visit each others blog. Once you’re active interacting with them, they would visit and comment in your blog regularly. The problem with MyBlogLog, comment is limited to 15 per day unlike in BC it’s unlimited.


  7. Free online earning isn’t easy. Beginners ,often cheated by many scam sites, go through a lot of hassles to reach a genuine paying program. But there is a simple way out.
    If you are reading this, I guarantee you can earn at least 600$(30000) per month with no money ever required and even if you are 15 years old !!!!
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    This technique of online earning through PTC/survey etc. sites is adopted by millions worldwide. As a proof I got paid 1700$ in the last three months from them. Click for details à Start easy earning. !!! BEST OF LUCK !!!


  8. i bookmarked this post sis, gawin kong manual when time comes. he he.. direct to the point kasi mga tips mo.
    btw, i like your web page’s new look, ng renovate ka pala. it crossed my mind noon, all sidebars to the right, sa aking blogs, pero, mg rearrange naman ng mga widgets kaya hindi ko itinuloy.


  9. Ok bro, remember, pang full time work yung karamihan jan, pero pag pa jab, jab ka lang di rin ganun kalaki ang kikitain mo, and take note me mga turn around time pa yan, karamihan 2 days lang dapat ma submit mo agad. Pero pwd ka na mag practice 🙂

    Yep, binago ko yung layout to give way to my advertisers both local and Int’l, sayang din kc. walk in lang yung iba nyan d2 sa blog ko saka crowded na yung single side bar, nagrereklamo na yung ibang readers hehe


  10. Juliet,
    Thanks for your sharing, very good information and if i register above sites will definitely park under you.
    Now i understand why you are so rich already:P, when you going to give me my Christmas gift:D


  11. Daniel, I gave an emphasis twice that these online work never make me rich yet, but it helped me with my bills. You know if I am rich, I won’t be staying home blogging, I’ll be out on the street organizing people because it’s my real passion 🙂


  12. I have tried Yuwie and MyLot but I am dissatisfied and frustrated with them. Yuwie has a lot of pop-up ads showing even before you can accept a friend request or view a profile. Then it takes so much “typing” on MyLOt just to get a dollar.
    I’m interested at ODesk. I was about to register but I have some questions? Does it really pay you or is it too much typing or ads before you can get a dollar? Message me , Juliet then I’ll sign up under you.


  13. Hi Bing, yep you’re right, but since I’m working online fulltime, I just allocate at least 2 hours for that site. Pang alis ng boredom na lang pag napagod ka na sa mga writing activity.

    oDesk will not hire you Bing, you can compare it to an Agency, Company would sign up to look for freelancers, they are called job provider, and we will apply and bid for those job making us work providers. Once you’re selected, you will be scheduled for an interview, then if you passed, you’ll be hired for a specific job for a specific period of time, say for example, my quiz writing job for devbook is indefinite, I am working for them since July and according to the manager it maybe 5 yrs or more.

    Once you are hired, you will agree with writing quota and turn around time, say you have to finish at least 5 quizzes per day for $2 each so that would be $10 per day. Then you will receive an instruction on when to submit it say for example it’s weekly with cut off period of Friday, it means you will have to submit 35 quizzes. Once you submit it, it will be reviewed by their editors for at least 2- 4 days then you will be paid through oDesk. oDesk will have a 1o% cut to your earnings. They also have an oDesk card, its powered by payoneer. But it also depend on your employer, sometimes I am requesting them to pay me thru PayPal.

    So even if you’re already a verified oDesk provider, you still have to bid on jobs para mkapag work ka, just like payperpost. Once you’re hired dun ka pa lang mag e-earn.

    I hope this helps 🙂


  14. I still doubt it kung yayaman nga, it still depends on your diligence and time management. Jobs online are not fixed, its fluctuating and erratic, it’s depends upon the stability of the sites and the company you’re working for but just the same, let’s maximize them while they are paying us 🙂


  15. check! hehehe…tama, and that’s why d ko maiwan ang blogging unlike sa irc na d mo nakikita ang logs (if you don’t configure). Well blogging does every imaginations that will popped out in our minds 🙂

    anyways…hmmmm what’s with the chromatic theme? hehehe i think you need to fix your navigation area 🙂 there were so many tools that will aid you to have a very good wordpress theme 🙂


  16. I don’t have the luxury of time to really fix the theme, I just do this to adjust to my advertisement space. Dati kasi one side bar lang eh masyado na congested, nagrereklamo na yung ibang readers kaya nag add ako ng isa pa intended for the ads. yung iba kc na ads walk-in lang, alam mo na hanapbuhay muna nyehehe 🙂 saka ito lang yung theme na di ko na poproblemahin ang widgets kc swak na agad, kunting repair lang, unlike the other themes, totally mawawala yung mga widgets, naku malaking trabaho yun, kakain ng time.


  17. abah gawa pla ni andrea viklund. alam mo ba ate na yung mga unang steps ko sa web designing eh yung mga gawa ng nagdesign ng theme mo ngayun? and i’m sure lahat dito flexible 🙂

    i remember yung AWsurveys, hehehe, dinaya namin within 2 days lampas $100 yung earnings namin.. hais strikto pala sila sa referrals. pag di gumagana yung referrals ala, no mets….sasabihan kna nilang peke…hehehe….hmmmm pano kaya kung ibang tao yung nirefer mo and then tinamad sila? tapos nasa bandang $60+ kna noh tas sinabihan kang hindi ka pwede mag withdraw…nyay….


  18. yun ang dahilan kaya me paalala ako sa taas na active referrals lang, remember ang mga ganyang sites ay mahigpit sa IP address, trace nila ang locations ng mga invites mo at alam agad nila kg sinisindikato mo cla hehe. So far wala pa naman ako pinasok na di ako binayaran. kahit di mag work yun basta ibat ibang location pasok pa din yun.

    Regarding d2 sa design, free lang to ng wordpress wala na kong balak ayusin pa to. I am designing websites using dreamweaver, yung mga ganito kc ready made na to, actually kahit anong website kaya kong i-clone. hamo pag marami akong time, pakita ko sau i-clone ko yung blog mo 🙂


    • Hi Shaine, thanks for the visit 🙂

      magara ba, thanks to WordPress for this theme. You’re right, talagang kahit saan yun ang puhunan 🙂
      The easiest way to earn millions is through Lotto kaya lang 1 in a million din ang chance mo hehe.


  19. hehehe…cge cge excited ako dyan.. wag mo nlang i clone ksi mdali lng yun…gusto ko yung dumidepende sa imaginations ksi dun tlaga ako hilig.. hmmmm ano kaya kung i post ko yung mga ilan works ko about web designing bka may mka diskober pa uli saken… way bak to ThinkQuest int’l web designing contest…hamakin mong npasok pa ako dun 😀


    • yes bro yan ang pinaka maganda mong gawin. I already discussed that in my previous post, we don’t have to just display other business ads in your blog, why not post your own ads? See, I have a services page, kc makakakuha ka talaga ng client. Look on “My Projects” link on my sidebar, yung mga iba jan dito lang sa internet ko nakilala. Kya nga me nagawan ako ng ID sa Samar, we just transact over the internet. And I also make it as a promotion, yung mga school na nakokontrata ko sa student ID ay binigyan ko ng free web presence. tingnan mo to: free lang yan na binigay ko pero kumikita na ako jan, alam mo kung panu? yung mga pictures na pina pa post nila me bayad na hehehe… imagine kng maraming school, just use your imagination. sa ngayun ay more than 10 schools na ang me kontrata sa amin. Yung iba naman binibigyan ko na lang ng free IT training for 1 day see here: so yan ang mga innovations ko to promote my homebase biz kaya lang talagang hard work and time management 🙂


  20. hhehehe te! ngpost po ako ng portfolio ko sa blog ko…hmmm some of my “sort of creations” lang about web design…i need your comment and sana mgustohan mo…i’m very looking forward for your works also…:D God bless ate julz


    • Hi Don, thanks for the good thoughts and for the frequent visits 🙂 I’m inspired by your posts also lalo na yung sa parents mo. Naging DXN agent din ako kya lang I’m still working pa nun sa company kaya di ko gaanu nabigyan ng effort, siguro diko talaga linya yun kaya saludo ako sa papa at mama mo 🙂


  21. Hello,

    Being resourceful and the willingness to burn your candles are just one of the many keys to earn a decent income online. Nice tips there.I’ll take a look with pay per post.

    God Bless!



    • Hi Sammy, yes very well said 🙂 Thanks, me secret pa ko sa affiliate marketing kaya lang diko pwede i post d2 nyehehe. but if you’re interested, i can send it to you privately


  22. Nice post ate. Since I started blogging I just now start to make money. I’m not getting a lot of work yet but I have faith that I will make it sooner or later. Thanks for sharing this po!


  23. Hi Ria, when I started blogging, I just plan to promote my homebase biz, we are engage kc sa printing business, tarpaulin, flyers, brochures, company and school ID’s etc…

    Then I just want to pour out my opinions but eventually I started to integrate na din yung iba pa like accepting ads, joining affiliate etc… syempre when you received your earnings, you will strive for more pa kaya, cge banat lang ng banat basta pwede 🙂


  24. This is a great post, if you don’t mind I would like to see a post with a month summary like November or December and a break down of how much you earned from each service. This kind of tells readers which works better for you. I am curious to know which ones are better than others for you.


  25. Hi Justin,

    what really works for me is article writing and quiz writing provided by the companies who hired me through oDesk… it may be hard at first but once you are hired, it will surely paid off.


  26. ate, i’ve got lots of questions…hehe 🙂

    can i post my referral links on friendster? hndi ba bawal?

    ung sa A.W.Surveys bkit wala ng surveys na lumalabas? naubos ko na ung 5 ata un or 4 tpos wala na…dpat ba i-redeem ko n money?

    sa Yuwie po ba mgkano ang bayad dun? kasi wala naman nkalagay sa earnings,..



  27. yung A.W. Surveys lang ang bawal, they are very strict sa spam at referrals. Dapat me approval muna nila. Bear in mind that you have to read TOS and FAQ before you register in any site para alam mo ang mga limitations and restrictions

    (TOS- terms of service, FAQ- frequently asked questions.

    regarding yuwie, when you browse home, you’ll find a picture of a man standing, it’s a video, watch it to fully understand how you will earn…

    Regarding AW survey, take time to read TOS. $75 dapat ang nasa account mo before you can redeem it


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    and make $100 every day .So That You Don’t Waste Your Time And Money.


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    accomplishments, and the film (the first modern kung-fu movie made in China) shot him to superstardom in China…clickhere check out the full information


  30. Aw, this was a really nice post. In idea I want to put in writing like this moreover – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and on no account appear to get something done.


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