Pinaykeypoint Tags & Awards for January 2009

These are the tags and awards received by Pinaykeypoint Blog. This maybe late, sorry guys January is a busy month for us but from the bottom of my heart, I want to extend my sincere thanks to my blogger friends who never fail to tag me, I love you guys!

Prayer Tag from Mel Alarilla

Prayer Tag And Link For The Philippines And The Filipinos

Instructions This is a prayer tag and link for the Philippines and the Filipinos. You are enjoined to utter this prayer for nine (9) consecutive days and to tag as many bloggers as you can with preference for Filipinos. But only bona fide Filipinos shall be included in the official registry of Filipino bloggers in this blog. Each time a new blogger makes a link, be sure to send me an email of the entire link through so that the official list will be consolidated in a master list in this blog. For our Muslim brothers, you may make your own special prayer formula but you must never deviate from the formula of this entire post.  


Dear heavenly Father, we consecrate to you our beloved country- the Philippines and all the Filipinos around the world. We acknowledge Father that apart from You, we can do nothing and it is only your divine providence and grace that can unite all Filipinos as one nation. We therefore humble ourselves before your throne. We confess all our sins to you individually and collectively as a nation. Forgive us our sins Father and wash us clean by the precious blood of Your beloved Son- Jesus Christ. Mend our wicked ways and let us experience a strong and genuine spiritual revival for ourselves and for our country. Let the Holy Spirit imbibe us with power, love and wisdom to return to Your path of holiness and righteousness. Bless our country, heavenly father. Bless all Filipinos wherever they maybe. Let progress, unity, harmony, stability, justice, peace and prosperity reign in our country. Bless our leaders, from the President down to the lowest Barangay official. Touch their hearts that they may serve our country with all honesty and with love and integrity. Bless our children and our future generation. And bless us all Father in all aspects of our lives. This we pray to You heavenly Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen. Name Address Name of Blog URL
1. Mel Alarilla Bulacan, Philippines
2. Angel Cuala Batangas, Philippines Father Blogger dot com 
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Fun Google Tag from Erato

Thank you for this sis! Sorry for the delay 😉

“The rules are simple. Use Google Images to search for the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture from the first page of the results and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.”

1. Age on my next birthday

a place id like to travel to

2. A place i'd like to travel to

3. My favorite place

3. My favorite place

4. My favorite thing

4. My favorite thing

5. my favourite food

5. My favorite food (Kaldereta)

6. my favourite color

6. My favourite color

7. the city i live in

7. The city i live in


8. the city i was born in

8. The city i was born in

9. My nickname

9. My nickname

10. My college major

10. My college major

11. Name of my love

11. Name of my love

12. My bad habbit

12. My bad habbit

13. My hobby

13. My hobby

 14. My wish list (max of 3)

Decent House for my family

Decent House for my family

Trip to disneyland for my family

Trip to disneyland for my family

Education for my kids

Education for my kids

the seven people i wish to tag are:

Warshock, Wolfwood, Mel Alarilla, Bhang, Grace, Honey, Hornetlover

Tag from Stilettoed Praline

Stilettoed Praline tagged me with something that asks you to list your 4 answers. I had so many list of answers in my mind but I had to stick to the rule of 4 😉 Thank you for this girl! Sorry I posted it late…


Tokyo Disneyland

1. Tokyo Disneyland – I’ve been in this place when I was sent to Japan twice for company training. I really enjoyed the place and I wish I could take my kids to visit this place.

2. Paris – it’s one of the most romantic place in the world

3. The Holy Land – I wanna feel the serenity of this place where the Lord had walked

4. Italy – I heard so many good things about this place and it’s also in my wish list



1. Pringles




Pili Nuts

2. Pili Nuts

Chicharong baboy

3. Chicharong baboy

4. Peanuts

4. Peanuts


Sorry guys, I don’t shop online 😉


1. I need to submit my online quizzes

2. I need to finish 1 logo design (for ID card)

3. Cook something for my mother-in-law 7th death anniversary

4. Settle my Electric & water bills


If you google my name, Juliet Corpuz, you will see my accounts from different websites, 

1. Hubpages

2. Linkedin

3. WordPress

4. Cybercircle

Now I’m passing this tag to 4 people:


2. Erato’s Blog: The Third Muse



…and finally a Butterfly award from 

Maalamat blog


Butterfly Award




Thank you very much for this 🙂

Now I would like to pass this award to the following 10 coolest blogs:











This another long post but bear with me guys coz I really need to post this tags and awards and you need to pass it on 🙂

Juliet Corpuz


Pasko at New Year sa Pinas 2008

JANUARY 8, 2009

I had a long break before and after Christmas season and I never had the chance to post our Christmas celebration. My kids and nieces are rallying and demanding me to post the Christmas photos and other activities so this would be a long post guys 🙂

Filipinos usually starts welcoming Christmas at the knock of “Ber” months. As early as September, you will hear Christmas songs played on the radios and I myself started to decorate our house with Christmas Tree last October.

Of course my daughters did all the decorating stuff while I was pre-occupied with a lot of work and issues here and now as am staring at my blog, I realized that I never post a single article about Christmas [sigh 😦 ]

But it’s better late than never, so I have to post all the activities we had before Christmas time and after New year.


My youngest and only son Robin Jr. (Nonoy)

My third daughter Rajisha

My third daughter Rajisha

My 2nd daughter Sabrina

My 2nd daughter Sabrina

My eldest daughter Jessica & Nonoy

Jessica & Nonoy

...and my niece Jane

My niece Jane


Yours Truly 🙂


Simbang Gabi at San Sebastian Cathedral, Tarlac City

Dec 16 – Misa de Gallo

We’re off to church for the Misa de Gallo where we have to attend the early mass at 4am. Morning masses lasted for 9 days and it is believed and also part of Filipino traditions that a person who completed 9 days mass will have their wishes.

Some church celebrates mass before the break of dawn at 4 o’ clock in the morning while other celebrates mass at 7, 8 or 9 o’ clock in the evening.

It is also a common tradition for Pinoys to buy native Filipino foods such as malagkit, suman, bibingka, ibos, puto etc… after the morning mass.


Native Filipino Foods

Belenismo – The art of making Belen

It’s one of the project of our present local officials. This was conceptualized by Tarlac Heritage Foundation President Isabel Cojuangco-Suntay aiming to make the province of Tarlac as  “Belen capital” of the Philippines. It was launched in 2007 and since then, it becomes a yearly activity for Tarlaquenos which is actively participated by different Barangays, municipalities, institutions and local organization from different sectors and local businesess of Tarlac.




Max’s Luisita


San Sebastian Cathedral inspired Belen

16 Belens won from different categories out of 78 entries. Categories includes personal, grand, monumental, municipal and diorama.

Tarlac Police Office Belen of Barangay Salapungan received the first award followed by Asiaten Hotel and Coconut Grill as third. Winners were personally awarded by Senator Loren Legarda



Demolition Poster at Barangay Entrance

The Nolcom authorities temporarily stopped their daily demolition rounds campaign, maybe for the sake of Christmas but nailed this poster at our Barangay main entrance. At present, they never resume the usual rounds of military jeep anouncing demolition. The last update was prior to Christmas, Zone President announced that we will expect the release of Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on January 27, 2009 and we are hopeful that it would be released earlier.


Inter Barangay Basketball League

There were many activities in the city. Barangay Basketball league, was participated by different basketball teams from different Barangays. Hub coaches one of the basketball team. The overall winner was Barangay Texas.

Carolers were everywhere, kids, teens, adults & beggars. Some houses who don’t have an extra money for carolers will just put off their lights early. But since I am running a gaming homebiz (PC & Video), and most of my customers are children and teens, I have to allocate coins for them but the good thing about it is that it would go back in my pocket as they would be back playing the next day.

Prior to Christmas time, my kids were busy preparing for their school Christmas party and exchange gifts so as a mom, I have so many things to do which makes me so busy such as buying clothes, gifts, school projects etc… etc… not to mention my printing jobs which requires most of my time.

Dec 24, 2008 – Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!!


Noche Buena

My day starts and ends at the kitchen lolz!

I have to cook for our Noche Buena. Macaroni Salad, Spaghetti, Crispy Pata, hotdogs, pan bread with cheese and a lot of candies for the kids. Gift giving… And a lot of Christmas Photos …


Mommy and Rajisha


Daddy and Sabrina


Juliet and Hub

December 25

Mano po Ninong/Ninang!!

Kids visited their Ninongs & Ninangs (Godparents) to ask for blessings and gifts. We call it “pagmamano”, another Filipino tradition where kids and teens are visiting their Godparents, these were the people who sponsored our children during baptism and acts as second parents to our kids. They usually prepare gifts or money for their Godchildren. My kids want to extend their sincere thanks to Ninong Atty. Jojo Batalla, Ninang Ressie Reyes, Ninang Myrna Sapasap, Ninong Edgar Uy, Ninong Bong Gallo, Ninang Luz Corpuz, Tita Sally & Ate Cherry for the money and gifts. And I also want to thank my daughters for their gifts for us. I love  you Jek, Sab, Ish, nonoy & ate den…

Dec 27, 2008 – Happy Christening Baby Jed!!


Jed’s clothing and accesories

Jed’s Christening

Location: San Miguel Church Time: 11:00 a.m. Reception: Max’s Restaurant

Cherry’s firstborn was finally baptized before new year. We were all invited at the reception but we can’t leave the house so I stayed home to entertain some expected visitors while my entire family attended baby Jed’s christening. Welcome to the Christian World baby Jed 🙂 I hope you grow up to be a God-fearing boy with wisdom and kindness 🙂


Baby Jed’s cake


Reception: Max’s Restaurant – Luisita


Baby Jed’s Candles, Token & invitation


Mommy Che & Baby Jed


My kids; Jessica, Sabrina, Rajisha, Nonoy and my niece Jane


Corpuz Family

December 31 – New Year Celebration 🙂

Once again, our day starts and ends at the kitchen but this time Hub did most of the cooking 🙂 Another Filipino tradition, we have to prepare 12 fruits on our table, 1 bowl of rice, salt and water and malagkit with egg on top. My mother in-law is doing this yearly and now that she’s gone, we decided to follow her tradition. We were roaming the market to complete the list of fruits. We had grapes, apple, watermelon, melon fruit, oranges, kaimito, pineapple, banana, pears, chico, ponkan and buko (young coconut). Hub added garlic and onions this time.


Media Noche

) Kainan na!!

Yummy desserts 🙂 Kainan na!!

For safety, we never use any firecracker this year. It’s also part of saving our budget so instead of firecrackers, we played Christmas songs and videoke. Childrens are playing videos till dawn and we gave it for free until the next day.


Happy New Year!! it’s chow time 🙂


We’re all full lolz!! 🙂 look at the tummy haha!!


Final Pose 🙂 Happy New Year to all of you!!

The magic of “Ber” has passed and now we’re welcoming the New year with hope & gladness in our hearts. Happy New Year to all of you guys. May this year brings more blessings to all of us. Cheers!!

Juliet & Family 🙂

I Need Your Strength

Two top media company has already come in our place to look at the matter but we never see any light at the end of the tunnel. Days passed by swiftly and the thoughts of losing the roof on our heads beyond January 30, 2009 makes me weaker each day. I can’t even feel the Christmas in the air, although cold wind is already embracing me… I guess it just makes me numb each passing day. The show of force is so demoralizing, watching the regular round of soldiers in our neighborhood is creating fear and confusion among the children. I already written our cause to some top leaders of our society but it seem our issue had just fallen in deaf ears…




I started blogging to ease my pains

To ease my feelings and gain some friends

To voice out my opinions and ravings

and to pacify the anger in my surging veins


The journey to blogging seems interesting

It lessen the worries that makes me lame

It makes me feel alive once again

From more than 3 years of silence


I was silenced by the forces of evil

Who threaten to take my life If I never refrain

Refrain from what? You may ask me that

From being radical which narrowed my path


But I can’t live in silence for many years

It makes me crazy and will paralyze my brains

Now I need to go out once again

Maybe not in the street but in the field of blogging


 I love my kids, I don’t want to endanger them

That’s why I shut my mouth off and quit from work

But how long shall I stop and just stare at them?

While they are crashing our rights and our home

We were all strangers in this land

Which created by God for every man

But some men are greedy and cruel

They draw the boundaries and created their titles


But how dare you claim you own the land created by God?

You just draw the line and claimed it’s yours?

And for that claim you’re ready to harm and maybe kill

Whoever blocks your plans and claims?


Fights and wars has just one cause

The greed in every man’s heart to rise in power

By trampling the rights and freedom of other men

Just to place themselves in the pedestal of fame


The journey to freedom maybe long and hard

Millions of men had already sacrificed their lives

For the call of justice, equality and sovereignty

Despite all these, we still have to take our steps in this journey


I am drawing my strength from God and friends

And I am calling you to internalize the cause

The fight will be stronger if you joined mine

I need your strength in the darkest time…


~by: Juliet B. Corpuz ~

12-8-2008 4:00am

Poetry is my healing balm… I need to put into words all the bad feelings I have in my heart…

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Jan 1, 2009

I would like to thank all my readers and blogger friends who extend their hands and support to our demolition issue. The good words coming from you guys is very important to me as this keeps me going and stand on my feet each day.

I also want to give my sincere thanks to SSNUFY for a wonderful poem he composed for this post.


Be still my friend have you not forgot
that an awesome God Controls the lot
His word is law and very true
and you know the depth of His love for you

So Stand in faith and and trust His Word
to doubt His power is quit absurd
For He is God and on His Throne
and your promise is your not alone

In His good time this storm will pass
and you will stand at peace alas
and the threat so bold that held you there
will disappear in the morning air,,,,,,

Gods very best >>>SSNUFFY

Thank you very much….

Here is my response for this poem…

Thank you very much SSNUFFY
For this sincere poem you created for me
The thoughts made its way to my heart
Which adds to my strength and made me glad

Never will I forget I have a Big God
Who always leads my path
In him I draw my strength
To face all my struggles and pains

I always thank him for all the friends
That He sent my way as an instrument
Who cheers me up when I’m in vain
Which cushion the blows and ease the pains

I stand still and keep my faith
To trust His word is my shield
This storm will go and never win
Cause I have a God who never fail

<<<<Juliet >>> [January 1, 2009     7:30 a.m.]

Online Earnings

I have many inquiries here about online earnings. I reviewed my posts and I noticed that I don’t really have detailed information about making money online aside from the post for oDesk. As promised to Chelle and my other readers who were asking me bout this topic.

Here is the common question I got from my readers:

  • Do you really earn from this affiliate and all this writing stuffs?
  • How much range of income do u get from this?
  • Is working online really true?
  • Are they not scams?
  • Can I see your proof of payment? You don’t have one in your blog…
  • Can you recommend some reliable site?
  • I am working at home, I hope you can share some link which can help me earn…

I assure you guys, earning online is real. I am earning decent money which keep me get going, in fact almost 50% of our income comes from my work online and 50% from my home based business. Of course these earnings doesn’t make me rich yet but it sustain our expenses, at least my phone bills, ISP, electric, water, mobile and other household bills and expenses are covered with my earnings. Although we still have to work hard because we have a big family. I have 4 kids, my eldest daughter is a junior high, 2 grade school, 1 niece in college and my youngest son. That makes us 7 members of the family including 2 dogs and 1 guinea pig.

Okay let me give you a detailed info about my earnings:

1. I am a verified oDesk provider

oDesk is a website both for hiring companies and job providers. As a company, you can hire freelancers or even companies who are providing this kind of service. It can be fixed job or hourly work. Payment is escrowed for hourly job, meaning the hiring company has to pay oDesk and after work completion, oDesk will pay the work provider. oDesk has tools to measure hourly work. A special program has to be installed in your PC. On the other hand, fixed job is different. The money is not escrowed and it depends on the hiring company and the work provider’s agreement how they will settle for the payment. It must me through oDesk or Paypal.

How to register:

  • You can click here
  • Fill up the necessary information. Make your profile 100% finished.
  • Create a good resume
  • Link your online Portfolio and other related online experience
  • Take and pass oDesk readiness Test (90% passing). Just review the TOS & FAQ.
  • Take English proficiency exam at oDesk and other website which offer this type of service. I took my English Proficiency exam here.
  • Take other tests at oDesk, this will add to your profile and a plus also
  • Link your blog. Companies are looking for real writers and your blog will be the most effective sample of your work.

After passing the exam, you will be notified that you’re already a verified oDesk provider. You are now ready to bid for jobs. Just click, find job tab and you will be presented with many job opportunities. Select a category at the left side bar. Choose jobs which suits your skills then click apply. The company usually asks you to send your CV and link to your portfolio.

Orie has some detailed suggestion in my comment box. Click here.

After your first project with oDesk, share your experience by posting it in your blog. Don’t forget to link that blog at oDesk by tagging it. You know why, they are looking for those posts and once you are selected, you will receive an oDesk Tshirt. I received mine last September and oDesk featured my blog on their September Newsletter.

2. I became a regular quiz writer of through oDesk.

I am writing quizzes for devbook using Redwarrior as my pen name. That is why I have a fun quiz page. These quizzes are posted at One of my quiz which is a naruto quiz is now an all-time top quiz taken by more than 150 thousand quiz takers. You can see the link here.

Devbook is paying me through oDesk and PayPal.

3. MyLot – I am also earning from this website. This is a social networking site which will pay you by posting and replying to discussions. If you spend long hours online, you can allocate sometime here and you will earn although don’t expect high earnings because it will be based on the quality content of your posts. Minimum pay out is $10 through PayPal. You will earn through referral and posting. Please click here to register under me.


4. Commission Junction – you can get advertisement offers through this site. They will pay you through check.

5. – Just like adgitize, yuwie will also pay you through referrals, viewing and clicking ads

6. Helium – This will pay you everytime you create and post article on their site

7. PayPerPost – This is also a good site for paid blogging.

I also tried joining PTCs but the earnings is so slow and it eats my time so I won’t recommend it. Paid blogging and article writing is still the best way to earn online.

How to start:

  • Create an online profile
  • Create your portfolio. If you are a writer, post your samples. If you are a web designer, post the links to your finished works. If you’re a graphic designer, upload and post your sample designs, layout or Logos and it would be best if you post a link to your past projects.
  • Create a blog where you can show your writing expertise.
  • Post your ads. Remember every click on your ads will earn you a dollar.
  • Post your referral links. Note that every person who click your referral link and sign up under you will be added to your earnings. AW pays $1.25 for every referral. Just imagine, if 100 people signed up under you, that would be $125. But take note, those must be active members.

So guys that’s my tips on how to start working online. Regarding the proof of payment, ok, this is a screenshot of my PayPal and oDesk transactions. Just click the pics to enlarge images.


My PayPal Transactions


My oDesk Transactions


MyLot Earnings

And another thing, you must sign up for a PayPal account, I have post here about that topic. Click here to read.

Remember also that you have to work on your traffic by joining social community sites like MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Facebook, Orkut, Friendster and MySpace. Check what will work for you. Add friends and visit and comment on their blogs and you will see that they will do the same. Add widgets and post your banners.

I hope this post will help you on how to start earning online. These earnings doesn’t make me rich yet but with strategies and the will to find other reliable earning opportunities, I know it will paid off. If you can recommend moneymaking sites, please post it. If you have questions, please feel free to post your comments.

Lastly, if you plan to register in these sites, please sign up under me by clicking the links. I will really appreciate it. Thank you very much! Good luck! 🙂


Just Like blogging, Forums are one of the most visited sites in the internet. I usually visit forum sites and read threads and discussions of my desired topics.

Sometimes in the past, I need an immediate fund, I want to withdraw money from my PayPal account without having to wait for 5 to 7 working days. I Google the keyword Paypal to Gcash or PayPal to Smart Money and a thread from Pinoymoneytalk forum leads me to a thread about PayManila and so my problem was immediately solved.

This is one of the positive effects of forums.


This is a screenshot of the original thread. Click this for larger view.

But the other day, one of my community member from MyBlogLog left a comment in my blog. He raised his concerns about a certain forum site, I clicked the link and read the thread and this is what I found

A newbie member under an alias of shiangtao posted a new topic. He quoted Edz comment at yugatech blog. Included in that topic was Edz name and private information, his emails and blogs. He purposely search for Edz information and posted it at the forum area. He was successful in this thread as he gains a lot of responses which is negative for Edz reputation. I know right there and then that this is a clear violation of privacy policy and I look for the moderator of the site. He was there participating at the forum under the name of AED.

I immediately signed up and posted my comment. You can read my comment here under my alias Red, I reminded them of the sites rules and privacy policy. After posting a comment, I wrote to the admin/moderator to raise my concern. Here is the screenshot of the message.


This is the screenshot of the message I sent to the moderator. Click this for a larger view.

I knew that Edz was taking this matter seriously and to pacify him, I informed him that I already send a complaint letter to the moderator to clear the matter.

The following day, I checked the site and noticed that they already removed Edz private information. I also received a message of apology from the Admin/moderator. 

If you will notice, he has quoted a red line which states that they cannot monitor the forum. This is a clear alibi. Hey Mr. AED, if you will notice the screenshot of the post, it says 2 thanks from Reuben and AED. And look after you removed Edz site info, the 2 thanks turn into 1 thanks and your name is gone? What happen? You also participated in that thread and you just removed your comments, may I know for what reason? To make your excuse real? that you are not participating in that thread? I won’t buy your alibi mister because I click your name in your comment that’s why I get to your profile to send you a private message. Masyado ka tuloy obvious. You yourself enjoyed the thread and maybe very happy for the active response and traffics and remember you’re doing that at the expense of Edz reputation. And to you Mr. Shiangtao, be man or woman enough to reveal your own info before posting other people’s info and don’t be so lame pathetic. Try to post some decent topic out from your own brains and stop quoting from other people’s comments. It makes you a stupid, talkative nonsense poster who wants to be famous by degrading others. Wag kang intrimitido!


This is the message of apology from the moderator. Click this for larger view

At yung isa pa under an alias of weibkreuz who is claiming that he’s from tarlac said “guys tga tarlac din ako at ung school ni edizon tongol n yan dun ako graduate, patay sakin yang edizon tongol n yan pag nkita, bubugbugin k yan, he3 pag nduty sa hospital nmin yan teterminate k na agad”

haha! talaga lang ha? sure ka kaya mong gawin yan? Sige uwi ka dito sa Tarlac sabihin mo address mo at pupuntahan ka namin ni Edz. Subukan nga namin kong kaya mo nga syang bugbugin. Pare yung yabang ginagawa yan di sinasabi. Dahan dahan lang tau sa pagsasalita kc di naman natin kilala yung mga taong pinagsasabihan natin eh.

This is really a gross stupidity on the rise 🙂 nakakahiya.

(sigh…deep breathing…my nebulizer please…)

Eviction Notice for Zone A, B & C

NOVEMBER 25, 2008

This post is an update regarding the demolition problem at Zone A, B & C San Miguel, Tarlac City.

The Northern Luzon Command (NOLCOM) issued a final eviction notice which must be complied within 60 days otherwise they would be constrained to make representation for the employment of counteractive legal measures within the authority of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This Final demand is blatantly contained in the document I scanned below.

The threat of demolition is like a plague spreading in the barrios of San Miguel; Zone A, B & C. Just like my neighbors, I am trying to go over with my normal routine although I had a good laugh with my previous post but the reality will always sets in. The fear of losing our home is a daily nightmare to us. One of the residents from Zone B, a retired army had a heart attack after reading the final notice and he died instantly. A 6 by 6 truck with heavy weapons and armies was roaming the barrio and creating confusion and fear among the residents. This is a clear manifestation of harassment. This show of force is a psychological warfare which is a common dirty trick by our very own army.


Joyce Segue of GMA Balitang Amianan conducting an exclusive interview

It’s really frustrating that the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the institution that is liable for the security and protection of the common Filipino is engaging in this outrageous activity. My kids are asking me; why are they doing this to us mommy? My teacher said Soldiers will protect us, but why they are threatening us? Will they kill us too?

These are the simple childish question that I cannot answer. I still have to gather my strength to reckon and give the best answer that would convince my kids that the army, like my dad is a servant and protector of the people. How can a child love a government when at this early stage, they are already experiencing this dilemma?

Joyce Segue, GMA reporter for “Balitang Amianan”news program conducted an interview the other day regarding the escalating issue of demolition. The newly elected association president Col Felipe Damo is instituting several options on how shall we deal with the problem, from legal battle to collective effort of the masses and the residents to defend our home physically. Our strength may not be equal to the guns and goons of the government but we will not just stand at the corner, staring at them doing nothing while they are crashing our home. A bloody dispersal that has wasted many lives at Hacienda Luisita while farm workers are waging fight for just compensation and benefits was also maneuvered by NOLCOM and now, their bloody fingers are once again thirsting for the same scenario.

I am asking for your support my fellow bloggers, in behalf of my neighbors and the children in my community please help us spread this news and blog this issue.

I don’t want another Hacienda Luisita tragedy.
Please spare our home and the children.


Eviction Letter from NOLCOM. Please click for larger view.

NOTE: Watch Joyce interview with Col. Felipe Damo at my YouTube channel:

Previous posts:

Post 1 – Zone ABC: We are Facing Demolition Issue

Post 2 – Demolition Update

Pautot ni Buraot

This is a funny title and I know that only my Filipino readers would understand this. Sorry guys spare me this post but this post is intended for my Fellow Pinoys and I have to use Tagalog language for this post. Bear with me, thank you!

O ayan, nakapagpaalam nako sa mga blogistang di natin kalahi at di nakakaintindi ng tagalog 🙂

Siguro magtataka yung mga readers ko kung anong kaguluhan ire at bakit kelangan kong mag powst ng tagalog e samantalang madami akong readers na di ito maiintindihan. Pasensya na kayo mga ripapips at kelangan ko munang mag jeproks sa post na ito bunga ng matinding pangangailangan hehe 🙂

Meron kasi akong natisod na kakilala sa pamamasyal ko sa blogosper at itong tao na ito ay di na rin naman iba sa akin. Ito ay walang iba kundi si Buraot. Hanep ano, sa pangalan pa lang ang lakas na ng dating. Ei ibang klase din naman ang mga powst nya at minsang bumisita ako sa blag nya, akalain mo halos nabasa ko lahat ang powst sa blag nya sa loob ng isang araw at akoy halos kabagan sa katatawa. Abay malayo sa pangalan nya ang laman ng blag dahil talaga namang hindi ka mabuburaot na magbasa ng mga powst nya. O sige, e sya, bakit kailangan pa kong magtagalog?

Ei kasi nga me pautot itong si Buraot at ako naman ay naanyayahang sumali sa pautot na ito. Abay sayang din at mejo malaki rin naman ang premyo na aabot ng $550 at katakot-takot na entrecard kaya naman kinasahan ko na din total perst taym ko lang din sasali sa ganito.

Simple lang ang rules, kailaangan lang na kalampagin ang madlang blogistang pinoy na marunong managalog tungkol sa pautot nyang ito. Kailangan ding mamili kung anong powst nya ang halos magpautot sau sa katatawa at lagyan ito ng link.

Buweno, mejo mahaba na itong powst at baka hulihin na tayo ng blogger pulis at wla pa atang DTI permit etong pautot ni Buraot kaya bibilisan ko na. 

Ang nagustuhan kong blog nya ay tungkol sa latest nyang cellphone. Bukod sa haytek talaga to abay napakagandang dalhin. tyak na hindi makakatawag ng pansin ng mga agaw-celpon. Oii! sa mga interesado sa celpon na ito klik mo to.

O ayan ‘d end na. naway manalo ako sa pautot mo bro 🙂

Sa mga blogistang pinoy at pinay na nabuburaot sa buhay pwede nyong silipin ang blag ng kolokoy na to klik mo lang to

In fairness nag enjoy ako sa paggawa ng powst na to. di ko na kailangan ng nebulizer pagkatapos mag blog di tulad ng english kelangan ko pa bumili ng ventolin nyahahaha 🙂 pasensya na guys! paminsan minsan lang mawala sa sarili ang lola nyo. 

O panu Buraot, bago pa mawalan ng respeto sa akin ang mga readers ko ay wawakasan ko na to at baka di lang sa hitlist malagay ang pangalan ko, baka pati yung PEDEA ay hulihin ako haha!

Sa mga nais sumali pwede pang humabol hanggang Bonifacio Day. Bisitahin nyo lang si Buraot 🙂

2 Blogger Awards for PinayKeyPoint

1. The Power Blog Award

 My warmest thanks to Ria Stevenson for giving me this award 🙂 

the-power-blog-award-from-riaThe Rules:

1. Each blogger must post these rules.

2. You need to choose up to ten people to be awarded and list and tag their names.
3. Don’t forget to leave them comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog (soon).

Now I want to pass this award to the following blogger friends:

Red, Margaret, Grace, Liza, Rizaasaygur and babywener

2. The Lemonade Award

My warmest thanks to my dear friend Red for giving me this cool award 

lemonadeawardRules for the Lemonade award:

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• Nominate up to 10 blogger friends’ blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
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• Share the love and link to this post to the person from whom you received your award.

Now I want to pass this Lemonade award to my coolest friends who read and post comments untiringly:

Edz, Spiky, Warshock, Dede, Wolfwood16, Hammed, ShowStalker and Gabriel

Again my big thanks to Ria and Red for thinking of me and for giving me these awards. I really appreciate it girls. Hugz to both of you! 🙂

PinayKeyPoint has been tagged: Blogger Buddy Award

Spiky Tagged me with Blogger Buddy Award and I would like to express my warm appreciation for this wonderful thought. Spiky is a fellow-bikolano blogger from Bikolano community. I am glad to meet blogger friends like him who gave me a chance to use and practice my local bikol dialect whenever i post a comment and this really give me a warm feeling of being home 🙂

blogger-buddy-awardClick to get the Blogger Buddy Code Here

What is a blogger buddy?

(IMAO) Blogger Buddy is anyone who is keeping in touch virtually and expressing warm friendship through frequent blog visit, reading blog posts and comments.

I am very pleased to receive this award and as a sign of appreciation, I would like to share this award to the following Blogger friends;

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That’s all for today guys, please pass this to your fav blogger friends including me of course 🙂

US Presidential Race

NOVEMBER 5, 2008

Before I proceed with my new post, I want you to know that this post is beyond my tag and my theme. “A glimpse to the Pearl” as my tag line reflects my opinions and reactions about diversified issues on parenting, poverty, governance and a lot more but in the context of Philippine setting.  I created this blog on purpose that I want to give you a glimpse of the view point of an ordinary Filipina from ordinary family. I know that we came from different countries, beliefs, traditions and culture and knowing each others differences through personal blogging and updates creates a new community and a new world united by one concept: Friendship and sharing regardless of race, language and religion.

obamaThe presidential race of the United States of America has been the center of attention of any media, be it print, radio, TV and the World Wide Web. It’s a constant topic on many class debate, talk show and even a mockery on TV sit coms and editorial cartoons. Maybe, I was the last person in the blogging world who never lifts a finger to discuss this topic. It’s not because I’m not interested but because I want to stick to my tag line and the US presidency is something beyond my tag line.

But the race was over now and the champion had raised his hands at the finished line with flying colors. In this very important occasion, I want to give you a glimpse of my opinion but of course it’s still in the context of Philippine setting.

America, for many is a promised land with greener pasture and vast opportunities. For this reason, many Filipinos left the Philippine soil to taste the milk and honey and to have a glimpse of snow and Hollywood as well. Some had realized their dreams but to some, America has been a big hell and nightmare. These were the people who were abused and had been a victim of crimes and accidents.

America is a strong nation which has a strong clout in all aspect of governance not only in the 50 states but in the whole world as well. We are all a living witness of how America had risen itself to pedestal of fame and power but we also see how it began its journey to financial drought. Many of my American friends had been angered by political stigma which slowly shattered the American dreams.

In the midst of political and economic struggle, the birth of a new fighter emerged in the arena which threatens many big and powerful Americans. It was almost a racial fight but in the end, Americans had proven once again how they loved their homeland and the hope of a new promise shines vividly in the horizon.

The Clout of American control is very eminent in the Philippine government, education, culture and ways. Many Radical Filipinos had sacrificed their lives fighting for genuine freedom and democracy. I don’t know how many more lives will be wasted until such time that we are able to fill the government seat with true political leaders who will serve the Filipino people with all their mind, heart and might. I know this will still a long way out but in the meantime, I will extend my hand to all Americans and congratulate them for winning this fight. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope with them that those promises we heard will came into reality. I hope that Philippines, though millions miles away, will be able to feel the drastic change that will be executed by President Obama. God Bless our country & the whole world.

My New Blog

OCTOBER 29, 2008

I have a new blog in the making, it’s a Literary Blog.

As I mentioned in my author page, I am a poet in my own right and I want to share my poems and my writings to you guys. I just finished writing the introduction for each category and uploaded few poems. I hope to finish it in a week since it’s semestral break, I have some free time to do it.

I hope to meet some blogger friends here who also have an interest in this field. I hope you have find some time to read my poems and please leave your comment. Thank you 🙂

It’s still under construction but if you want to have a peep just click here

Brgy. Maliwalo, Tarlac City, Philippines

Hello Janet, This post is for you 🙂

I had a request from my regular reader who used to live in Tarlac but relocated now in Davao City. She want me to post pictures of Barangay Maliwalo and Maliwalo High School. Her last look on this place was in 1989, whoa! Almost 2 decades!

I was relocated in Tarlac in May 1991 prior to the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. So you’re already gone before I even set my foot in this place Janet. Well, there were big changes from then on. I still remember the first time I saw this place, OMG, I whispered to myself, I don’t think I will survive here… lol! I just arrived from Japan then, from a company training at Sumitomo Wiring Systems, one of the biggest company in Japan. We were sent by Kawasaki Company for further training and in return, I need to be transferred here so I can also share my knowledge to newly hired workers of IWSPC- International Wiring Systems Philippines Corp. – the company where I used to work)

Can you imagine, I am a party goer, we were spending nights in bars and discos and suddenly I will live in a barrio lol! The only recreation I can find here then was the old bowling lane at Jecson (It’s a Hospital now). I remember the first time I tried to watch movie here, I was not able to finish the film because I can’t take it anymore, the movie theater was so mapanghe haha 🙂 and that was my first and last visit to that theater, and The Mandarin and Marco Polo. Those where the places where we used to spend our Saturday night after 5 days of tiring work at IWS but those are all gone now. Tarlac is already invaded by Mc dos, Jollibees, Max’s, Chowkings, Malls etc…

So as promised, because I will be paying my water bill at Tarlac Water District, I brought my cam to give you a shot of the place.Eto na yung junction na papasok sa Maliwalo, yung way sa left, palabas yan ng Metro Town, yung sa rignt, palabas ng Osias College.Eto naman yung pinaka downtown ng Maliwalo ngayun, Maayos na syaTarlac Water District Building. O, say mo, sosyal yung building ng TWD ngayun 🙂

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish ChurchMaliwalo Barangay Hall Globe Telecom – Tarlac Maliwalo Elementary School Eto na ang Maliwalo High Shool ngayun, donated ng Japan Gov yang building na yan kaya me flag ng Japan

At siyempre sinama ko na din to. Alangan namng puro new buildings lang ang makita mo 🙂

Ayan yung Post office. Antique na ha 🙂 Sana mapalitan na din ito

So that’s Maliwalo now. Parang Nostalgia trip ha, madami ka sigurong naalala ano? Pareho lang tayo. Na mi miss ko na din ang aking homeland Bikolandia. Pero talagang ganun, maraming reason kung bakit nandito tayo sa lugar kung saan tayo nakatira ngayun.

In my case, I’m just making the most out of it. I had my share of struggles and happy moments here and there but I always bear in mind that wherever we live, we’re just underneath the grace of God. Just pause, look up and feel His presence no matter where you are 🙂

The Entrepreneur

OCTOBER 23, 2008

I received an email from WAYN regarding Global Entrepreneurship Week. In response to this letter, I wrote an article about Entrepreneurship in my own views.


Money, Fame, Freedom and Power – 4 major aspirations of every breathing individual in this planet. Are you one of them? If we you will be honest and true to yourself, then the answer would simply be YES.

Who wouldn’t want money anyway? In fact money alone can give you freedom, fame and power. These needs and wants are traces and manifestations of entrepreneurial spirit in us. The drive to make it happen is a clear instinct of an Entrepreneur. The definition per se may vary but I am digging deeper into the essence of the word.

Class Struggle

The dream of every man to have money, fame, freedom and power in his possession gave birth to a society divided by class struggles. Prior to this, we were living in a classless society with equal opportunity to all resources around us. But man is a born warrior and so his whims and caprices brought him to pedestal, wars & chaos and the rest is history.

The era of classifying people by what he is through what is in his mind and in his pocket opened us to the world of governance and economy. Every people have been classified as worker, farmer, businessman, artist, politician and so on. The name is vast and broad but one thing is definite, in every man’s heart dwells the aspirations for Money, Fame, Freedom and Power. Politics has been a swift way to achieve these dream. Politicians have easy access to many businesses, news and justice.

The Birth of the Entrepreneurs

For a common man who has the same dream but has no chance to walk in the arena of governance and politics made his way to the business world. They started out as simple merchants in early times and now tagged a new name; “The Entrepreneur “

We are all entrepreneur. Each and everyone of us has been an entrepreneur in our own odd ways. The drive to have that money land in our hand and to have a decent living is entrepreneurial. When a common factory worker allocates a little amount of money and capitalizes it to sell something so he can extend his budget is doing an entrepreneurial stuff thus making him an entrepreneur.

Classifications of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can be classified as small time, big time, successful, risk taker or even a loser.

Of course this is how we handle our entrepreneurial skill. Business is a vast world of competition and only the mighty and the wise will reign. This arena has put many entrepreneurs in fame, freedom and power. Some even made it bigger than the government itself. They are the fulfilled and powerful entrepreneurs and we start to call them as Businessman to give distinction from the rest.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Yes. As I said earlier, we are all entrepreneur. But we are differed by our drives and performance. Put out 100 dollar from your pocket and buy a pack of onion. Repack it into 5 packs and start selling it at $25 per pack, at the end of the day, you are $25 dollar richer than when you are starting. Duplicate this process everyday, add some lists, targets or buy a cart as your first asset and Bingo! You are now a certified entrepreneur. The key to be a successful entrepreneur is simple. Be consistent and innovative. These two powerful characters have lead many people to success.

Okay, now you know that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, so what’s your plan now?

Of course you don’t have to rush to the department of trade to register your business. What will you do? For a positive start, go to a high location, maybe a second floor of a building, a field or any place where you could see the ground and the buildings around you. Look down, smile, stand firm and tell yourself: “Yes I have the Potential!” No, I’m not kidding, this is developing self confidence. You have to arm yourself with confidence so you will have the drive and strength to go beyond.

When you think you are ready to start, define what’s on your mind.

What do you want to do?

What do you want to sell?

What do you want to share?

Of course business and entrepreneurship is not all product selling. Look at yourself.

What are your skills?

Your strengths?

Your talents?

You can offer these as services without monetary capitalization. Yes, we can always be entrepreneurs minus the financial capital. I am writing and earning decent money from thinking and writing and sharing these secrets to you. I may not be a powerful entrepreneur but I have the freedom to work and earn in my pajamas.

My objective in writing this article is to waken your entrepreneurial being which maybe drowning from a lot of frustrations and disappointments.

Com’on, you’re an entrepreneur man! Go find the right product and services for you and start earning. There simply no boundary for the word called: Success.

That’s all for now readers, I hope my writing has awaken your entrepreneurial spirit 🙂

For further info about Global Entrepreneurship Week click here or google it 🙂

Til my next post! Kita-kits! 🙂

Blogging, PageRank and PageViews

OCTOBER 22, 2008

This is my second month here at WordPress.

Before i moved my blog from blogspot, I have fear if I will gain readership here. I’ve stayed with yahoo and google services for many years and I never really engage myself from blogging. But in my short stay here, the response of my readers is amazing. I only plan to write at least one post per week but the active participation of my readers urge me to write more. I even find myself scooping events, taking pics and videos so I can cope up with friends and reader’s request. Private inquiries find its way to my inbox and most of all, writing jobs flourished and filled my idle time. When I finished installing google toolbar yesterday, I was even more surprised seeing a google rank of 1 considering that the birth of my blog has just arrived in a short period of time. I also have seen many sites linked to me. And for this, I want to give my sincere thanks and appreciation to my regular readers and friends who added me in their contact list and included me in their bloghopping schedules. These are the faces you often see in my widgets in my sidebar and some who requested for a link, I put their link in my side bar as well.

These developments taught me how to love my blog and find ways on how to improve my page views.

Years ago, I put my mind in learning many programs so I can start a homebase business. I learned all the programs needed to create company and student identification cards, business cards, tarpaulin, stickers and many printing related projects. I also learned installing biometric and school management system to some of my client who required me to setup and install those services.

I learned the basics of adobe dreamweaver and flash and started designing static webpages for my clients as early as 2002. At first, I set my mind in developing my skills in web development but the fact that I’m a mommy working homebase, I can’t deal with the huge demand of my service. I can’t cope up since I don’t have employees to work with me. It’s been my dream to put up and establish an IT company but the struggle for capitalization is always there. I can’t resort to financial sharks here since I know I’ll just end up drowning with debts.

But blogging find its ways to my blood. Another source of income have flowed in our hands and I am very thankful to God that in the midst of our crisis, He bestowed a fine blessings to us.

I always want to share these good things to you readers so join with me as I discover ways on how to improve our blogging activities. We’re all in this together and I want you to know some of the things I did to improve our blogging skill.

I created some KeyPoints for you:

1. Improve the look of your site. Make it relevant to your content. Since I am from the Philippines, I used a picture of our park, The Luisita Park in my header to conform with my title, “A Glimpse to the Pearl”. I’ve chosen this title because I want other people from other countries to have a glimpse  to a Filipino way of life, not only the bad side of politics but the good heart of its citizen as a whole and the abundance that  Mother Nature bestowed on us.

2. Stick to your theme. If your content is about making money, or computers, be sure that you can sustain it so reader wont get bored and will find your topics exciting and informative so reading your site will be worth of their time. Since I am not geared to a particular topic, I am trying to discuss diversified issues on governance and social issues, parenting, online earning, current events and IT related topics. I want this blog to be a magazine type not just confined in fashion and politics.

3. Try to share some useful informations. If you really want to monetize from your site, don’t make your blog just a place where you can shout your ravings and rantings. Remember, your readers have enough of their own. Of course we have the freedom to express it here but don’t do it everyday 🙂 Sharing what you learn and how you earn will be an interesting topic as it will help other newbie bloggers who are just starting their way.

4. Give a prompt response to inquiries. Give your readers a feel of your personal touch. They are happy when you personally response to their query. That will leave a mark on their mind, not just a bookmark on their toolbar.

5. Watch your statistic. Observe your trend, when is the time that your site is at its peak or when  is the time that you have few visitors. I usually look at the keyword which my readers used to find my page. If I don’t have the topic, I’ll try to create one like when I wrote a post about Mount Pinatubo. Since  one of my tag is Tarlac, searchers for Mt. Pinatubo Tarlac always lands in my page so i decided to write about it and it become one of my top post. (POST UPDATE AS OF AUGUST 14, 2012: NOT ONLY A TOP POST BUT WE ARE NOW RANKED AS ONE OF THE MOST TRUSTED TRIP ORGANIZER ARRANGING MOUNT PINATUBO CLIMB 😉 AND THIS IS JUST BECAUSE OF THAT POST)

6. Try to add some widgets to know your visitors. I joined MyBlogLog, a yahoo service which also track your visitors. It’s a cool service which gives you the opportunity to add contacts and join communities. I also joined Blogcatalog and Technorati which also offer the same service. When you avail their service, you will have the chance to monitor your visitors and readers and you will have the opportunity to communicate with them. Joining Blog directories will be a great help to increase your traffic.

7. Give some love. Visit their blogs too. Remember, it must be a mutual relationship not a one way mirror. My community member is my priority. I am doing a regular round of visit to their blogs, when I started doing this, I noticed that they are doing the same. My contact is my second priority, when I still have time, I will also visit the blogs of my contacts who are also active and visiting my blog, I am doing this at least 2 to 3 times a week.

8. Acknowledge your new visitor. When I see a new face in my widget, I usually visit their blog, say a thank you note and ask them if you could add them. That would open a way for another blogger friend.

9. Don’t flood yourself with so many ads and buttons especially pop ups. Sometimes this scare our visitors away. Try to limit those and just use the ones which is useful to you. I am creating a page intended for links so I can really have a place  where I can post the links to my accounts and communities. It’s still under construction but I noticed that my visitors are clicking on that page. I realized that readers are also interested with your links and what is your favorite site. So it’s really a good place for your affiliate market.

10. Make posting a daily habit. Of course it’s a constant change, readers want to read new post everyday. Let’s try to make at least 2 to 3 posts a week.

11. Advertise your skill. Yes! why would you just let other advertiser monetize from your site? Add your own advertisement too! I have new clients when I posted my ads and services. I included the link to the fun quizzes and Odesk. This pave way to other writing offers. Employers are hiring me directly thru my blog. oDesk even sent me an oDesk T-shirt and featured my blog in their September newsletter.

12. Watch your targets and turn around time. Beat the deadlines. Well, it’s one of the trade offs lol! 🙂 Earning your dollar is not easy. We really have to make an effort if we really want to earn more. But the fun is still there since I am doing it in my pajamas or I may say underwear haha! 🙂

That’s all for now guys, I hope you learn something here. Till next post. Paalam! hanggang sa Muli! 🙂

{paalam: goodbye} {hanggang sa muli: Til next post}